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The UV CTP printing enterprise how to investment

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The UV printing CTP is the most cost-effective enterprise how to investment

    When people plan to invest in computer direct plate making (CTP), first put emphasis on workflow system and the plate maker. Specifically, is to see what kind of plate making system (platform, drum, or outer drum) can meet the requirements of enterprises, and what are the system supporting plate. In this paper, the CTP plate maker and supporting plate, plate sensitivity, analyzed the types, such as plate, hope to enterprise's investment decision-making is of certain reference value.

  Plate maker and supporting plate to be sure, some plate imaging is associated with the structure of the plate maker. When determining the investment plan, so you should take plate into account. Figure 1 shows the different light source or thermal CTP system matching with plate. In figure 1 below the band spectrum colored stripes, lists a variety of plate, the plate of a certain spectral range (405 ~ 410 nm uv, ir 830 nm, etc.) with its sensitivity. Iso plate must be adapted to plate maker of light or heat energy.
Silver halide version 0.003 mJ/cm2 of high sensitivity, photopolymerization version of the sensitivity of 0.05 mJ/cm2, thermal version of iso in 150 mJ/cm2. Narrative about free processing plate, put behind.

  Version of silver halide imaging, with 5 mw ultraviolet diode is enough; Photopolymerization version will take at least 30 mw energy. Some manufacturers have set up 60 mw diode load their CTP system, Krause - Biagosch even use of a 100 mw diode, greatly reduce the imaging time, improve the efficiency of plate making.

  Thermal polymerization and high energy is needed to avoid dealing with plate imaging, with the 1000 mw infrared diode. Traditional and not sensitive plate at beth printing (Basysprint CTcP) system and the Esko - Graphics Espresso system imaging requires using UV light. In addition to the plate as shown in figure 1, and using argon ion laser (488 nm) and the frequency doubling of Nd: YAG laser (532 nm) imaging plate, but most of these laser by ultraviolet diode to replace, so for new investment is pointless.

   From the infrared to the ultraviolet first CTP system is based on the film exposure machine drum peace within the table structure. In the light of CTP (argon ion and Nd: YAG solid laser) is very expensive, its service life is limited, make the outside of the infrared diode drum technology become the ideal choice, its has the plate making quality outstanding, the less the cost of the quality control, etc. Since drupa2000, ultraviolet diode squeeze into the market, make the inner drum reborn peace desktop system. Coupled with the improvement of the plate emulsion and light aggregate version of simplification, make its development trend is clear. Within the main criteria: ultraviolet laser investment drum system of investment cost is lower than the outer drum at least 20%, and in the output efficiency and quality can be comparable.

  Back to the infrared possible! Because no printing will oppose no developer defects, no chemicals, no development, no emissions and no cleaning and operation expenses of plate making. Use from handling or from chemical processing plate can be close to the ideal goal, but the premise is that to ensure the quality of supply capacity and stable plate coating. Of course, the price must be moderate.

  At present, in the free version of material manufacturers in the United States Presstek processing plate is active on the market. Since drupa2004, Agfa also developed: Azura from chemical processing plate, thermal KPG company directly from processing plate, Fujifilm and Toray from processing plate is under test. Free processing of polyester base plate is expected to supply in the near future.

  Most of the plate factory based on polymer technology, only Presstek multilayer version of the ablation method (see figure 2). The company's Anthem version need to be cleaned, to remove powder on the version. From processing and from chemical processing plate version than thermal sensitive mostly, therefore can only use the infrared diode imaging.

    PResstek in the CTP system and its partner DI printing machine using its own infrared diode Prfire - Excel.

  Usually, free after dealing with the CTP system plate making, can be directly on the printer, but the plate Agfa requires the protection on the glue. In order to glue on AcentoCTP system connection. According to the Agfa, coating can prevent plate by the mechanical damage.
  The future belongs to avoid processing according to expert analysis, by 2006, from processing plate imaging may by 150 mw (current up to 100 mw) high output power of ultraviolet diode.       For thermal version and now free processing plate imaging, required by the infrared diode power of 1000 mw. Fujifilm companies strive to make the free treatment of the test plate and thermal version of photosensitive achieve consistent (about 150 mj/cm2), in order to achieve comparable output. But most from processing plate sensitivity is about 300 mj/cm2, so the double energy, or extend the imaging time, but it reduces the production efficiency.
  In addition, the drum in the system, as a result of uv diode with plate distance is bigger, plus additional deviation prism, the power loss is small. By contrast, the outer drum system, many of the infrared diode directly to arrange on plate, power loss is bigger.

    If free processing plate can use ultraviolet diode imaging, it is very reasonable. But from the point of view, will take time to implement this way, so now don't consider the investment plan. Calculated plate factory generally reluctant to talk about the price, they are through with individual customer negotiations to determine prices. In 100 as the base of traditional plate, then estimate the price of CTP plate is 180 or higher, and the silver halide, optical and thermal polymerization editions of price between the two. According to plate manufacturers,

    Free of treatment and chemical treatment of printing and the price will be 300 or higher. These valuation is closer to the real level, let's wait and see. But what is certain is that the more enterprises by the version, use free processing plate is adverse. So in how many version of quantity range is more appropriate? Version according to the data provided by the Presstek company, with annual capacity in 7000 ~ 7000 square metres (15000 ~ 18000 B2 size plate) of enterprises with more profitable from the processing and from chemical processing plate.

  In addition, in talking to printing factory for many times, medium-sized printing use B2 size printing, in around 12000 by the version. Used for drum system outside the plate cost is still high, this also means that for B1 and VLF large size from processing and from chemical processing plate is still too expensive.

  Main plate manufacturers listed in figure 1 several materials manufacturers, such as Agfa, Fujifilm, KPG, Lastra, Presstek and Toray, materials are well-known international suppliers.
Lastra: now is a division of Agfa, its trademark, products and business network remains for the time being.

  Mitsubishi: sales of polyester base of silver halide version, there are more than 600 German clients in cheap drum peace to B3 imaging plate size on desktop system.
Brazil IBF: plate production ranking fourth.

  Japan and Italy SacerioRief KonicaMinolta: try to avoid processing of polyester version into the market. By receiving OKI, Xante, Glunz&Jensen and Jetplate systems, they are more focus on small printer users.

  KPG: as a large plate suppliers, in terms of silver halide and light aggregate version, also lacks in purple laser imaging.