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Make printing equipment factory manufacturer leader

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How to establish the leader born printing equipment factory factory

   In the ancient long river of the development of printing industry, "offset" is clearly not a highly respected at all the elders, but it is one of the most modern printing industry is a mainstay of the vitality and charm: from the beginning of the available for accurate overprint precision and perfect image fidelity attracted the attention of the public. With the rapid progress of printing industry, more perfect process, the characteristics of color offset printing delicate also gradually reveal. More happily, entered into the production process of color management greatly broaden the originally drab color gamut range, narrow and FM screening technology is just for offset printing, have improved the quality of the final product. Not only that, alone is its industrialized production speed, is the best tool to adapt to the modern society, so these many advantages gradually will offset printing to a new height, occupies the leading status of the printing industry.

    Although in recent years is slightly offset printing market fluctuations, but overall still remain at around 70%. Either concave, convex, screen printing constantly chasing, or in the CTP technology as the core of a new generation of digital printing lead beyond, failed to fundamentally shake the leading status of the offset printing. Simply put those way in a certain period of time also does not have "phase of the king" : some of them are on the production speed insurmountable, some of them are in the environmental protection cannot be bottleneck breakthrough, some are also does not have the price of the spread of basis and personnel configuration. Modern market need is: forming the core technology and superior quality and competitive price, best have plenty of reserves. Although is too real, objective facts are that: only for technical equipment and other related links continue to ask for higher even harsh, to win the favor of the market.

    And the most important in the production of offset printing equipment, is the core of printing machinery. In recent years due to the development of technology, production technology of offset press also reached an unprecedented height, however, as any products have their own life cycle, in the printing industry has had a lot of similar changes: stamping 08 machine, offset printing, 01 s turns flat pressure swing round round round of laser typesetting, monochrome machine, photoengraving multi-color machine, etc., so although the quintessential offset printing itself has not changed, but if not a lot of details to change, so will also make their advantage disappeared.

    Where the heck is several aspects to efforts? If there is no suitable train of thought, so might as well look at 6 years of the new import temporary tariff rate adjustment form. Stipulated explicitly pointed out that, in our country since November 1, 2006 for some adjusted the provisional duty rates of import and export goods. Amount of offset press equipment related with ink remote control device (including ink control device, ink quantity control device, the ink fountain body, etc), the temporary tariff rate adjustment form import item 54) of the provisional import tariff rate, from the original 6% to zero tariff.

The implementation of the measures will help offset printing production efficiency, reduce energy consumption. Can foresee the tariff cut, will make more offset printing products production-oriented enterprises to control the amount of ink will be more precise, thus greatly enhance the overall level of the printing market. So we can more consideration before making the production of offset printing machinery, such as the ink quantity remote control device to control the amount of ink, to make production models more meet the demand of the market. At the same time, the device "zero tariff" policy will be beneficial to aspiring application this device of machinery manufacturers, with the aid of the dongfeng, promoting the manufacture level of the offset press.
After reading the policy guide, the following for several common misconceptions in the design of the footprints machine to do some simple analysis.

    (1). Production speed. Modern sheet-fed offset press the average speed of 15200 printed/h, 15500 / h, 16000 printed/h, 18000 / h, and so on, of course, the higher the speed, design difficulty and the cost will be increased accordingly. At the same time should notice has now reached the speed limit, want to have a large range, you should consider replacement for drum feeding way.

  Many choices sheet-fed printing mode of enterprises at the same time, for the protection of machinery, usually is not all; If the speed is very demanding, it can choose rotary machine. Based on this idea, do not need to read the "speed" is so important, will according to the need to get customers.

  (2). Ink road length. Now in the design of offset press the other is a much discussed topic: what is a long way, or short ink way?
  Is not as simple as literally: ink distance of the road long, short the distance of the road is short, important indicator is the sum of all the ink roller area and the ratio of the plate area, known as the weight coefficient. Now the device short ink road will ink roller design better than long thick ink roller ink road, also pulled close the gap to a certain extent. But long ink road rolling after too many times, the effect will be better. But with the constant improvement of the ink fineness, short ink road has fully meet the requirements of the objective.
  For a large quantity of ink for printing quality, will ink transfer put forward higher request, but at this point, machinery and equipment manufacturers to rut, can also according to customer requirements to complete the design.

  (3). Drying device. We don't talk about the UV printing ink, but talk about the general ink drying device, offset press usually adopts the infrared lamp is dry, now has extended and no longer two, price difference is very big also.
  But if do such a calculation: calculate production rate as low as 12000 / h, so each time after tubes also only 0.005 minutes, and if the average to every mm of imprinting, basic can be neglected. But if the long (usually three meters or so), it can fully complete drying, and print ink effect is very good. So in equipment production, also is not blindly pursuing price will have very good effect.

    Some of the above is only for printing auxiliary parts are analyzed, and further it is not hard to see, if manufacturers can achieve according to the customer for personalized design and manufacturing, will make the products more adapt to the market.

    In addition to these internal work practice, and also need to conduct some extension work.

    (1). Teamed up with other traditional printing way. Offset nature has its unique advantages, but still there will be a lot of the actual situation, it is unable to cope with, such as: narrow scope of substrates, ink layer thickness is not enough, and so on. So now in dealing with the changeable printing project, it is necessary to increase the helper.

  Net Inca offset printing, can not only realize thick ink layer can achieve the established precision; Gravure and offset printing, can achieve good fine effect, also can increase its security; Soft Inca offset printing is the implementation of packaging and printing is very good partner; There are three combinations, and so on. So it's need to offset press design, considering these leave room for good on online.

  (2). Teamed up with represented by CTP digital printing. CTP, digital equipment is the development trend of the future, then teamed up with them, will be of great benefit to prolong the lifecycle of the offset printing. Application is now forming technology, the following list.

  Some foreign enterprise USES multiple units and paper road structure for web offset press, printing speed is high, the biggest printing layout on page 72. Compared with the traditional way of plate making, fully automatic large CTP system is more suitable for web offset printing enterprise of the requirement of high speed and high use version, so the rate more than doubled.

   It's not hard to find, only inside and outside and repair the design train of thought, to an impregnable position makes the device itself.

    Offset printing equipment, of course, such as size, whether to adopt the dimension of education version fluid is always discuss hot spots, this article is no longer here. Conclusion: comply with the requirements of The Times, meet the needs of customers, to make a healthy printing offset press equipment.