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Of stone material surface UV curing processing technology

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Of stone material surface UV curing processing technology

  From mineralogy Angle to look at building stone, natural stone is made up of a variety of mineral a rock. Stone is showing a colorful, mainly stone color is contained in the mineral. Some active mineral in the finished stone by the wind and rain and sun for a long time, began to weathering, ingredients, and color began to change. This is what we usually see the stone material of rust and faded phenomenon, make stone lost its original beauty, produce the defects such as alteration. Long-term weathering and hitches in nature, however, does not change its composition and color of the so-called high quality stone material is very little after all. Due to these reasons often appear in the same period under construction projects, the use of homebred stone material, after a few years later, in the wind and rain under the action of sunlight, such as air pollution, dalle finish, waterproof, anti-fouling, weathering resistance, surface state of complete and colour and lustre is compared with the imported stone, much less.

  Why such big difference? Often people say import stone products quality is better than homebred stone material. Actually this kind of biased evaluation. China has the sentence as the saying goes: "people act the role of clothes horse saddle," describe people need to dress up beautiful, stone products as well. Foreign stone so good, because stone wore "beautiful rain clothes", has carried on the product packaging. And homebred stone material still in the "naked" and not somebody else's beautiful nature. Almost all import marble plank and most of the granite plate in their factory production have made surface chemical treatment before delivery. Sheet and homebred most enterprises still lack of enough understanding to this, didn't even do the procedure in production process. This leads to import stone material is better than that of domestic stone an inevitable part of the reason. At present abroad during the process, adopt heat curing technology, some are more big boiler heating heating mode, the existence of high energy consumption, low production efficiency, the environmental pollution, covers an area of big, etc.

  (UV) curing technology introduced in this paper, with only a few teams ultraviolet tube can be instead of the large boiler equipment. So, UV curing technology, energy saving and clean environmental protection technology, it saves energy, energy consumption is only one 5 of the heat curing, does not contain solvents on the ecological environment protection, not the discharge of gas and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, therefore (UV) curing is known as the "green technology".

  Introduce below (UV) curing technology: what is (UV) curing technology it is to point to by a certain wavelength of ultraviolet irradiation, the liquid resin of high speed of solid state polymerization and become a kind of optical processing technology. Light curing reaction is essentially the light trigger polymerization and crosslinking reaction. Uv curing coatings is light curing technology mass the earliest example of successful application in the industry, valspar curing light industry area is the largest product, much bigger light curing ink and light curing adhesives. Early light curing coatings is mainly used in wood coating, with the continuous development of technology and market development, uv-curable coatings applied to the base material has expanded from single wood to paper, all kinds of plastic, metal, fabric, leather, stone, cement products (such as protective glue), appearance also from the original highlights, development is inferior smooth type, grinding sand mold (imitation metal etching) metallic, pearl, hot stamping, texture, and so on. Suitable coating method including curtain coating, roller coating and spraying and dip coating, etc. (UV) technology has penetrated into all aspects of the traditional commodity, step by step, make products more beautiful, make the manufacturer more benefit. (UV) curing technology has solved the key technical problems, in the first place (UV) curing the principle (UV) light, make (UV) coating to infiltrate internal connection with stone stone. When after the completion of the curing reaction (UV) surface also have higher hardness, stone material surface in use do not contact with the outside world, but (UV) coating contact with the outside world, and when (UV) coating is damaged, very easy to repair, restores former appearance. So (UV) curing technology is bound to cause a revolutionary change in stone industry, make the maintenance more quick, convenient, environmental protection, and cost is lower. Shenzhen JiXingYuan coating equipment co., LTD., in the early years ago began to focus on (UV) curing technology research, absorbing domestic and foreign advanced production experience actively, continuously improve production technology, unremitting efforts to create their own brand, enjoy a good reputation in the industry. Modern and elegant in appearance, stable performance, best-selling products throughout the country by the broad masses of customer recognition, in the domestic market have higher visibility and credibility. At the same time, actively explore overseas markets, attended many countries at the trade fair, some products are exported to southeast Asia, well received by overseas counterparts and users. In many years' production practice of the company already has a large number of experienced production and technical personnel, professional technical knowledge to ensure the stable quality of products, and enthusiastic business professionals but also adds infinite vitality for the enterprise. Using technical experience for a long period of time, we have with this year (UV) coatings manufacturers developed for different (UV) coating on the surface of the stone material, after many test, determine the feasibility of stone material surface (UV) treatment.

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