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After the printing pressure light processing quality problem

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After printing pressure light processing quality problem instances

    Have a batch of beer boxes in front of the board after the calender surface quality defects of wrinkle, stripes. According to the quality requirements, paper calender after its appearance should be clean, smooth, no scratch, no wrinkles.

  We're calender process parameters (such as calender temperature, pressure, speed, etc.) under the condition of invariable, with another batch of varieties of packing paper calender, the results did not appear after this batch of face paper calender wrinkles and stripes. By comparing the analysis the reason of two kinds of surface board quality difference, after the calender will produce wrinkles, stripes that its surface board paper is relatively poor. However, the number of board have glazing over, because if the calender after some wrinkle, stripes can not meet the quality requirements and make scrap processing, will be unable to deliver on time and large waste loss. And if we can through the appropriate remedial measures for processing, make the calender has met the requirement of the quality, one can deliver on time, can reduce the loss.

  To this end, we through several different methods of processing and testing, chose one of the effective measures to solve the problem. Method is: after the polishing of calender again glazing surface board, after the first on the calender thermal drying time, hot drying temperature and the temperature of the calender, when on the calender machine hot baked in without pressure, under the condition of the calender steel belt transmission, in discharging mouth end put this board on steel strip surface, through the steel belt drive surface paper tape into the bake, but returned to the feeding port of the head. Again after this hot baked calender according to normal calender process (i.e., adds a polish and a thermal drying), after this batch of surface wrinkle, stripes on the cardboard disappeared.

  By the way, usually, calender temperature control at 115 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, pressure control in 150 ~ 180 kg/m2, it is advisable to speed 6-10 m/min. Of course, also in the site operation according to the thickness of the cardboard case reasonable adjustment and control. It is important to note that for paper must carry on the calender, must have a choice in paper, otherwise could not reach the requirements of the quality of calender.