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How far is it from UV lacquer furniture green revolution

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How far is it from UV lacquer furniture green revolution

    Coatings industry "twelfth five-year" development planning in our country, clearly pointed out that the development of environmentally friendly coatings as the goal, adjust structure as an industry oriented. This suggests that the state encourages the development of water-based coatings, uv-curable coatings. At the same time, the rise in costs such as labor, raw materials, as well as the terminal consumer green consumption concept, the influence of such factors as furniture manufacturers also urgently need some comprehensive benefits better coating. UV paint (also known as uv-curable coatings) compared with the traditional furniture paint, curing speed (m/curing), no VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, saving, high efficient composite coating, the unique advantages, attract cabinets, wood floor manufacturer in areas such as attention.

  UV paint research and development strength increasing

  UV lacquer furniture development began in the 1960 s, and UV lacquer is real development in China in the 90 s. In recent years, along with the national environmental protection policies introduced gradually, professional furniture coatings enterprises increased efforts in research and development of UV paint. Coatings enterprises have the different scale of investment used in UV paint, huarun paints that launched as early as 15 years ago, UV paint, garbo Sally, long rt mart and exhibition in this aspect also have different levels of involvement, but the traditional PU paint, PE paint sales still occupy their most proportion of total sales.

    Opportunity or chicken ribs UV lacquer furniture how far the road of the green revolution

    Industry association and the local government issued some policies about encourages the development and application of UV coating, such as guangdong shenzhen, Beijing and other places. Throughout Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, sichuan, in recent years a few large furniture exhibition, UV lacquer has appeared, visit the customers to come to consult, the exhibitors also took pains to introduce. However, by model careful contrast of the display, found that in coating process, coating quality and so on ways, UV paint with a model of traditional furniture coating effect differs very big.

    The advent of the green revolution how soon

    However, UV lacquer furniture in applauses, also face technology, use, promotion and other problems. At present, there have been no iconic furniture paint industry brand UV coating, no furniture more coating to UV lacquer as the main production enterprises. The cause of this situation mainly has the following several aspects:

  First of all, weak UV paint technology, r&d strength is insufficient. UV curing is with UV lamp radiation source, add a light irradiation the initiator of liquid formula, light initiator to absorb UV light quantum chemical reaction, transient liquid resin formula into a solid film, this involves the UV material, UV equipment and professional operation personnel and other factors. Enterprise development most of the products for the domestic furniture paint roller, UV UV transparent bottom (surface) paint white paint (surface), and single real paint products brand, few breakthroughs. UV material, formula of the key technology to master in the hands of developed countries such as America, Japan, Korea, UV equipment production in Germany the most advanced, the introduction of equipment are in need of professional personnel for installation, operation, debugging and maintenance. However, due to the UV lack of professional research and development personnel, domestic enterprises seriously enough, independent innovation ability is insufficient, government guide relative lag, although after rapid development, but the UV paint still has not gained popularity in the field of furniture.
    Secondly, marketing, promotion is difficult, high cost. Chinese companies like in imitation innovation, when not imitable domestic precedent, have moved abroad, but the things moved in and abroad may not completely suitable to domestic situation, should be improved, it is need to spend more cost and time. UV paint though comprehensive efficiency is high, but the initial investment in equipment is very big, is suitable for large furniture factory, because they have abundant capital and stable orders. In China's furniture industry, the vast majority of small and medium-sized furniture factory, to make a habit of mature to traditional furniture factory of coating production line, coating production line, for UV paint sellers, is a long and difficult process. One industry source said, some of the furniture company spent a lot of money to purchase a batch of equipment, but suffer from does not operate, almost became a decoration, or even into iron, can not play a role.

  UV paint manufacturers, equipment, the lack of linkage rapid response integration services, add a lot of difficulties to the downstream users.

  Third, UV paint coating process is not mature enough. Because the UV lacquer adopt mechanization production in the process of coating, construction environment required to keep clean, no dust particles, otherwise will influence film effect, more difficult to complete the application of some special-shaped pieces of furniture.
  Thus it can be seen that the development of UV lacquer furniture is full of difficulties and temptation, in the process of development, there are always some exploration and difficult. UV lacquer furniture, however, is a development trend in the industry, has become an indisputable fact that, this is also to realized enterprise transformation, which requires courage. Some enterprises as an opportunity, it has ascended to the development strategic level; Some enterprises will be less and it as food tasteless, abandon a pity, only small step to follow; Some enterprises has been on the sidelines waiting for.

  From the current situation analysis, give priority to with solvent-based coating situation difficult to change in a short time. So, say it now furniture coatings industry green industrial revolution has begun, it is still too early.