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The application of coating technology in engineering machine

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Coating technology in the application and development to engineering machinery

  The application of engineering machinery is an important part in the process of engineering machinery manufacturing. In recent years, with the increasingly intense competition in the international, construction machinery industry in the pursuit of product quality within also began to pursue the appearance of the product quality. In order to further improve the appearance of the coating quality of construction machinery products, prolong its service life, each enterprise of construction machinery coating anticorrosive performance put forward higher requirements. Engineering machinery products, therefore, anti-corrosion, rust and painting, and exploration of engineering machinery coating technology and its development direction, improve the "three" is the most focus of every manufacturer and user.

    1, the current status of application of the coating technology in construction machinery industry at present, the painting technology development of construction machinery enterprises in China is uneven, coating process, coating materials, coating equipment is relatively backward, most enterprises still stays on the application of the traditional coating technology. Following a brief introduction to the present situation of the application of coating technology in construction machinery industry.

    1.1、The design of the coating process

    1.1.1The coating requirements

  (1). Film thickness. Engineering machinery product the thickness of the coating to have certain common requirements, need to implement multiple spraying.

(2) Hardness. Engineering machinery products of coating is the most important thing is to must have high hardness, can prevent knock against, friction resistance. General than the dry paint high hardness of the lacquer that bake, so in the design of baking process as much as possible.

 (3). Adhesion. Coating adhesion is one of the important indicators to measure the mechanical strength, good adhesion is the key to pretreatment, and the most reliable pretreatment process is shot. Therefore, engineering machinery product structure generally in shot blasting treatment.

  (4). Weather resistance. Engineering machinery general work in the outdoor environment, need USES the coating material with good weatherability.

(5). Luster. Gloss coating is good or bad depends on the spraying equipment atomizing detailed degree of atomization, the more delicate, luster, the better, should be used as good airless spray atomization.

    1.1.2Coating process engineering machinery coating features a variety of mixed, specifications, big volume and more different parts in different environments, the production characteristics and use of the coating process have their own characteristics. Until the 1990 s engineering mechanical products production scale small, cannot form batch production, the typical process flow is as follows: structural: (or shot peening) blastingClean up theSpray primer
dryBlow be bored with child
dryAssemble the whole machine: cleaning→dry→Blow be bored with child
→dry→polishingSurface coating1→dry→Surface coating→dry→Finished product engineering machinery coating development to the present, process there is a big change, the typical process flow is as follows: structure: blastingClean up theSpray primer→dry→Blow be bored with child
polishingIn the coating→dry→Surface coating→dry→Assemble the whole machine: cleaning→dry→Fill putty finishing and painting at the bottom→dry→finished product

    1.2 Coating materials construction machinery coating materials widely used weather resistance and good abrasion resistance, low temperature drying of the dry coating, main varieties have modified alkyd enamel, acrylic enamel, polyurethane enamel, etc., and it requires paint and primer, be bored with child, and must be matched. In order to improve the adhesion of coating and hardness, should as far as possible with low temperature drying coating.

    1.3 The structure of coating equipment engineering machinery parts and the whole machine coating production line mainly by the structure of shot blasting cleaning chamber, cleaning chamber of the machine, drying room, grinding room, painting room, paint drying room, refined decoration room and conveyor systems. Is closely related to the delivery of the process layout and production line, the current domestic structure coating commonly used by electric hoist conveying; machine coating production line mainly has three ways: double plate chain conveyor, transition vehicle conveying and self. Each device is arranged in a pipeline, and each working procedure is completed in a separate chamber.