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All kinds of surface treatment technology of cardboard

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All kinds of surface treatment technology of cardboard

    Cardboard corrugated boxes, cartons and other products production is the main raw material, its performance is directly or indirectly affect the quality of products and the use of performance. For corrugated boxes, cartons and other packaging products, with wear-resistant, waterproof and moistureproof property, and has high strength and good air tightness, is the basic quality requirement cardboard use features. Paper factory production out of the ordinary cardboard, however, is often don't have good wear resistance, waterproof and moistureproof property, etc. The cardboard the intensity and air tightness is varies because of the cardboard quality grade. So, from improve the use performance of corrugated boxes and cartons, must through the surface of the board for some necessary technology processing, can fundamentally improve the ability of the performance and appearance quality.

  Cardboard on the surface of the polishing process

    On light is a commonly used packaging products post-press processing technology, the product surface after glazing coating, can make prints enhanced resistance to water, sun, friction resistance and pollution resistance, but also can improve the product surface brightness, make the grade of the product is greatly increased. Glazing coating has a variety of structure, useful oily gloss oil printing machine polishing, also useful glazing machine water-based, oily gloss of light oil, and solvent-based glazing coating, UV glazing coating. The characteristics of different glazing coating, product surface processing craft effect also to have certain differences.
  The light is the same type of coating, because of different material properties, formulation, its gloss effect, wear resistance and so on also differ. Using inferior smooth paint coating, the surface of printing quality almost no gloss, however, have certain artistic feeling, some products inferior optical coating, effect as light coating process. Whether it's on the light or inferior optical coating, coating requirements must have good wear resistance, to protect the surface of the printing quality.

   Oily polishing process

    On the printing machine oil, light oil as a result of the glazing coating thickness and drying is limited by the structure of the machine, gloss and abrasion resistance on the surface of the printing quality, than polishing machine the effect of solvent or waterborne glazing oil. So, this kind of glazing usually only suitable for small batch ordinary products, quality is not high.

    Solvent polishing process

    Using solvent glazing products, its surface gloss and abrasion resistance are relatively high, but because of its thinner is organic solvents, such as toluene, with the evaporation of the solvent, glazing coating cost is also big. Solvent glazing coating, poor resistance to physical and chemical coating yellowing easily, and smell strong solvent is not only easy to pollute the environment, but also to the production safety will produce certain effect, so the production site must pay attention to the emissions, by electric heat pipe of drying machine, we must keep the board smooth transportation, prevent the cardboard conveying skewed and blocking bake, to touch the electric heat pipe, fire safety accidents.

    Waterborne glazing process

    Waterborne glazing coating is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no stimulation, speed, wear resistance, high temperature resistant coating is dry, not yellow, do not change color, and has advantages of higher good transparency and gloss, so this technology is suitable for food packaging of surface finishing processing. However, waterborne glazing oil solvent is water, easy to produce deformation phenomenon after print gloss. Its wear resistance after solvent glazing coating, if you have any use PVC cardboard outer plastic film packaging, easy for PVC plastic film surface sticky sticky bad print gloss film layer and graphic ink. So, the packaging material is PVC plastic film, paper board glazing unfavorable use water-based paint, and should adopt solvent wear-resisting glazing glazing coating, this is the company a quality accident experience.

   UV glazing process

   The UV light is with UV glazing oil coating on surface of printing quality, make the surface membrane layer of high gloss. Glazing coating after uv irradiation, coating internal polymerization reaction, light crosslinking reaction, thus curing dry quickly, and thus does not produce adhesion quality fault, to ensure the rapid of process after the operation.

  UV glazing coating has wear-resisting, drug resistance and chemical resistance, good stability, etc. Due to UV glazing oil does not exist solvent volatilization problems, so, unlike solvent-based polishing process on environmental pollution, and its consumption is relatively small, its production cost is much lower than the laminating process. So, it is an ideal technology to replace plastic coated and solvent-based glazing. In production, however, some problems that should be paid attention to is that the UV coating will have certain stimulative effect to human skin, UV light penetrates the body will produce certain damage, dry coating after UV irradiation can produce ozone, production site should have good ventilation and exhaust.

   Paper products of glazing coating requirements

  USES and processing characteristics of this kind of product is concerned, glazing coating must meet the basic requirements of safety, health and environmental protection, therefore, glazing oil soft elasticity, flow property, abrasion resistance, acid-proof alkaline, and better adaptability, and glazing oil should have high transparency and do not change color performance, the surface layer should have good toughness, can better protect surface of printing quality, strengthen product packaging, such as waterproof, moistureproof, prevent dirty and wear-resisting performance.

    Calender process on the surface of the board

    Pressure alone in polish on the basis of a deep processing technology, its production process is roughly: print with glazing machine last first polishing paint, such as printing quality light oil film layer after drying, using the thermal calender, the polishing film layer to form more smooth and glossy the brightness of the mirror effect, and this is the general glazing technology can achieve the quality of the result, and the production technology used more printed corrugated boxes, cartons and other packaging products of surface finishing processing. The traditional optical coatings is with the organic dissolvent such as toluene, cyclohexanone as diluent, not only easy to pollute the environment, endanger human body health, and the product also easy to cause pollution, safe hidden trouble on the packing of the product, and so is not suitable for food, medicine packaging. From the perspective of packaging safety, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution of the environmental protection should be used in water-borne light oil.

    Board wax on the surface of the process

    Wax on the surface of the cardboard processing, its production technology and equipment is simple, operation is also very easy to grasp, the process is to use the waxing machine by heating molten paraffin liquid, evenly coated in cardboard or print surface, when the paper paraffin wax coating cools, namely, to form a thin layer of, very smooth wax membrane layer, the paper has a good waterproof, moistureproof, mouldproof, prevent dirty, rust, oil resistant and wear resistant performance, so the process is generally used in food packaging, paper packaging, and other not resistant to wet the surface of the product processing.

    Spray process on the surface of the board

    Using spray laminating machine in cardboard surface layer thickness in 0.01 0.07 mm material such as polyethylene or polypropylene, the board could improve good air tightness and tensile strength, but also make the ability of moisture-proof, waterproof, prevent oil and prevent dirty performance are improved greatly. In recent years, with the market economy unceasing prosperity, liquid beverage, frozen food products such as solid will be more and more demand for film cardboard, drench membrane technology is becoming more and more mature. According to the use of the product characteristic, the ability of film processing, has single-sided, double-sided. Double-side film of cardboard, printing quality control is very important, if improper process control, prone to mark a bottom quality problem, that is to say, the ink printing on no absorption properties of PE film, easy sticky dirty print on the back. So, with no drying device lithographic machine printed cardboard double-side film, should choose wear-resisting, strong adhesion, non absorbent ink to printing, to ensure the printing quality of products.

   On the surface of the cardboard laminating process

    Coated surface is printed carton paper, paper box, handbag, cover products such as finishing processing technology in common use. By laminating of printing products, to achieve waterproof, anti-fouling, prevent discoloration and heat resistant, resistant to light, rubbing, such as performance, also can enhance the gloss of the product, beauty, puncture strength and tensile strength, improve the quality of the service life of product and packaging.
  Laminating process is roughly: after product finished printing, plastic film with a laminating machine and print surface of composite integral structure, formation of paper, plastic and printing. Laminating process there is between coating and laminating pre-coated laminating; There is also a hot and cold by the process of differentiation. Laminating adhesive is also different, water-based laminating adhesive, solvent laminating adhesive. Solvent laminating adhesive intensity is high, but the environmental pollution problems, and water-based laminating adhesive solvent is water, to product and little environment pollution, so it is widely used in food packaging of surface finishing processing. Due to the effect of the need when product recycling process classification), and regeneration process is complicated, the production cost is high, some packaging products are replaced by a calender or UV glazing process.

 To sum up, the board surface treatment is to improve the added value of goods and quality, improve the grade of the product packaging and the packaging quality, effectively prevent damage of the packing and goods, important technical means to increase the competitiveness of the commodity market. Therefore, correct understanding of cardboard processing way of production technology and surface technology, according to the characteristics of the product to choose the appropriate packaging technology, to improve the promotion of products and improve the economic benefits of enterprises, undoubtedly has a good role in promoting.