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Is the application of UV curing technology in gravure press

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Is the application of UV curing technology in gravure press

    In the domestic field of UV curing technology stepless variable light little stepless variable light UV curing devices in the application of the rotary press such as gravure also at the fledgling stage.

  Gravure rotary press, such as its working speed range is wide for printing by the UV light oil dry color and cannot exist detonation phenomenon l ~ 1] power from the UV lamp can ideally and printing speed synchronization. Use the way to design such as reactor tap block call light system obviously can not meet the requirements of printing.

    1. Stepless dimming technology

  tepless UV curing dimming system is made of modern power electronic technology dimmers adjust intermediate frequency modulation control transformer primary voltage to control the power of the added in transformer high voltage side tubes adjusted within the range 40% 100% power figure 1 as the principle diagram of the system.

  UV curing dimmers USES SPWM medium frequency pulse width modulation technology using UV lamp the actual current as feedback signal of the printing press in different speed when the UV lamp, hope to get the current value as a command signal by comparing PLC calculated instantaneous value between 0 ~ 10 VDC control voltage to determine the on and off of electronic switch device to q ~ _NUV lamp input power.

  Command signal mathematical model for the command signal value was the speed of the printer and the UV lamp current values of bivariate function and through the speed synchronization coefficient, the setting of parameters such as light intensity percentage easily satisfy users due to the difference of material and technology to produce a variety of needs.
Stepless UV curing system is divided into three stages, the arc ignition phase, preheat stage and curing stage. Arc ignition and preheat phase of law as the law of the sectional UV curing unit tubes after preheating its control methods in curing phase as described above.

    2, system structure and features

  Stepless UV curing system adopts PLc control to use HMI make the interface more humane when choosing rotatable reflection lampshade printing light and downtime window. System is equipped with over voltage, over current, short circuit, undervoltage, overheating protection, such as safe and reliable.

  Selection of intermediate frequency stepless variable optical system reduces the UV lamp when labor frequency power caused by produce stroboscopic printing quality is not stable increase of luminous efficiency is the ideal energy-saving equipment than conventional UV curing machine can section about 'Bg25 wide dimming range to meet the needs of users.
Because the offset press form a complete set of the UV curing machine power is about 16 kw paper printing speed is equivalent to 120 m/min lamp current power of 160 w/cm. And gravure machine stepless UV curing unit 17 kw power for paper printing speed around 180 m/min lamp current power of 200 w/cm. So the current domestic gravure is the bottleneck of the UV curing devices has both the high power UV lamp product quality problem and lamp plate heat dissipation problem.

  The dimmer quality stable system malfunction phenomenon in the use of a variety of but eventually reasons are because of poor heat dissipation. So the gravure UV lamp plate of the structure of the cooling demand is greater than offset printing UV curing machine lamp panel requirement for heat dissipation. The system the use of the efficient water cooling and air cooling system to improve heat dissipation.

  3. The latest UV curing device

Abroad has developed numerous levels of UV curing special dimmers, adopt the theory and technology and the method of similarity. The big difference is that the dimmer adopts high voltage frequency conversion power supply technology, output 1100 v voltage driving the UV lamp directly. See from the above diagram medium frequency transformer has become relics iron loss and magnetic loss disappeared, makes the system more efficient, more stable.