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The choice of cigarette label gravure press equipment

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Cigarette label gravure press equipment and equipment selection

    Before investing in cigarette packet gravure equipment, cigarette package printing enterprises to analyze their own positioning, enterprise structure and grade of the leading products, the main service of cigarette enterprise scale and the development plan of next step.

  The grade of the tobacco products generally simply divided into the medium, high-grade and high-grade three categories. Processing of high-grade product requires high technical level of equipment, a very complete configuration requirements, a high degree of automation; On the other hand, the equipment have the basic configuration, part function can use semi-automatic and manual operation. In addition, also look at the main service of cigarette enterprise, the size of the 100000 cases of the following cigarette companies have shut down and go, annual production of 300000 cases and 500000 cases of cigarette companies will happen very big change, if can't serve as a leader, it may be incorporated into other group name. Cigarette package printing enterprise, therefore, consider their own customers, what changes will happen, and will bring us opportunities and challenges.

    Cigarette package printing enterprise when choosing gravure equipment suppliers must analysis the following two aspects

    1, the equipment technology security analysis.

  Mainly includes the equipment in the cigarette packet printing domain ownership; Technical data provided by equipment and after-sales service; Equipment configuration and price; The choice of the brand. Cigarette packet printing has many special requirements, if some kind of intaglio printing equipment is widely used in the cigarette package printing industry, shows its applicability in the field of cigarette packet printing is stronger, higher technical maturity of the equipment. Also look at equipment suppliers equipment model is very comprehensive, the more comprehensive supplier, to reflect the degree of its leading technology in this field. Second, depending on the equipment data provided is very comprehensive? Is there a Chinese version? The supply of spare parts is very meticulous, have a brief elaboration to each spare parts, series number and instructions? If foreign suppliers can provide domestic after-sales service and so on. In addition, is the equipment configuration and price, shall be determined in the function of the equipment configuration and equipment technical requirements and then talk about the price and after-sales service, finally choose the right brand, and brand choice must pass through the market survey again and again.

    2, equipment agent services.

  Now equipment supplier in China mainland and overseas branch offices in Hong Kong or general agent, but generally by the Hong Kong companies to determine prices, cigarette package printing enterprise in the process of negotiations to set priorities. Is the service and the agent to provide comprehensive, can provide technical training in operation, electrical and mechanical maintenance is critical, whether to have experience in raw and auxiliary materials, agents and equipment suppliers can provide a year of visiting service, etc., all is the key of the cigarette package printing enterprises to select equipment conditions.

    The choice of form a complete set of equipment

  Gravure match after pause, to choose a big piece of cutting machine, die-cutting machine, golden hot printing machine, offset printing machine, screen printing machine, ChanAo machine and other supporting equipment, only improve the process equipment, to meet the needs of cigarette package process, process.
Big main indicators of the cutting machine is cutting precision and speed, points QieDu to achieve within + / - 0.10 mm, even some large pieces of cutting machine can reach within + / - 0.05 mm, best cutting speed of 300 m/min. Die cutting machine and hot stamping machine is the main indicators of die cutting precision, speed, send foil or foil way, is there a transverse walk foil function, if there is a holographic stamping function, such as precision error must be controlled within + / - 0.15 mm, speed to 4000 zhang/hour. Offset press main consideration is wired glazing, the adjustment of the thick paper, UV printing, UV glazing, extended drying, etc. Screen printing machine is the main index overprint precision, speed, adaptability and ink drying effect. ChanAo machine main overprint precision, speed and drying methods, the adjustment of the plate cylinder, etc.