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An ultraviolet (UV) ink offset printing and the application

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An ultraviolet (UV) ink offset printing and the application

    Along with the progress of the printing industry in China, the momentum of ink manufacturing industry development in our country is very rapid. Large domestic printing ink manufacturers main products of the technical indicators have reached or close to the advanced level of similar foreign products, in addition to basically meet the need of domestic printing and packaging decoration industry, also exported to many countries and regions of the world, to achieve the export. But we must recognize that compared with the international advanced level, there is still a big gap between Chinese ink manufacturing, mainly in the production process and packaging lag, the level of domestic raw materials of poor quality consistency, scientific research and development ability and the analysis method needs to be further improved, poor consciousness of environmental protection. Ink industry focus on future development goal is business rotary offset printing ink, top grade offset printing ink, environmental printing ink and special printing ink. One of the offset printing uv ink is special ink varieties.


1. The composition of offset printing UV ink (UV machine)
  Uv ink is composed of connection, pigment, photosensitizer, auxiliary agent and so on.

 (1) connection material is a kind of adhesive fluid, plays a connecting role. It is made of light solid resin prepolymer, crosslinking agent and crosslinking agent, monomer and prepolymer crosslinking agent), etc. Connection is expected to increase the mobility of ink, the ink from the ink fountain to plate to substrates, to complete a good transfer ink, and produce a chain polymerization under certain wavelengths of light, crosslinking curing film, make pigment firmly adhere to the surface printing. Connection part material is the main flow of ink and ink of the heart.

  (2) crosslinking agent as a kind of diluent, can reduce the viscosity of ink, improve printing eligibility, in the light of polymerization crosslinking curing effect.

  (3) because some material can not directly in the connection of material absorption of the photon energy, which requires the photosensitizer is added to ink, also called light initiator, under the action of certain wavelengths of light, photosensitizer molecule is decomposed into two free radicals, the molecular of electrons from low level to high level, and produces vibration, make the light solid resin and photosensitive agent of unsaturated double bond splitting, produce chain polymerization, and further crosslinking curing.

  (4) adjuvant is in addition to the main part of the additional part in the printing ink, mainly some wax material, such as micro crystalline wax, polyethylene wax, etc.

2. The characteristics of offset printing ultraviolet (UV) ink
Compared with the ordinary ink, uv ink has good printing eligibility, color stability, overprint effect and brightness.

  (1) the curing speed, under ultraviolet light, a few seconds can be cured, especially in the packaging and printing, large printing often need to field, requires a higher density, so have to increase the amount of inking, dry problem has become very important at this moment, the ink is not easy to dry often affect printing production efficiency, and using uv light solid ink, this problem was solved.

  (2) the uv printing ink can also prevent ink crust, solved the trouble back at home of the offset printing machine downtime.

  (3) the conjunctival sex good, for all kinds of substrates materials have good adhesion, because the uv ink does not contain solvents, after curing ink layer thickness and the printing ink layer thickness basic same, unit weight of uv ink compared with ordinary ink, large printing area from 30% to 50%. Curing without penetration, can be printed on the absorptive substrate, such as card card printing, this is the ordinary offset printing ink can't tread.

  (4) as a result of uv ink in printing when do not need to spray, so that the printing environment are improved well, avoided due to powder for finishing the trouble, such as in glaze, the effects of the coated and attachment processing can be performed.

(5). Uv ink colourful, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other properties are better than ordinary ink, therefore, despite its more expensive than ordinary ink, but is still widely used.

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