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Printing ink coating and polishing process of the problem

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Printing ink coating and polishing process of the problem

    Color printing paper-plastic laminating make product surface is bright and clean as a mirror, after printing color printing design more color rings, sparkling, and protect the ink, to enhance the entire printing paper or packaging, but also for packing and inner packing materials waterproof effect, especially for books and periodicals and diary or copybook cover effect, can make the cover of the resistance to fold number thousands of times.

  But there are also shortcomings, paper-plastic laminating coating process is recycling in printing and packaging products, plastic film is not easy to remove both of them, and not easy to degrade, so more and more people in the industry believe that should be coated with the surface gloss oil instead of paper-plastic laminating. In fact, the use of surface polishing finishing process than the use of paper-plastic laminating earlier, but before glazing coating is mainly conducted in the paper mill, printing the now before the printing paper, coating, polishing, and extensive use of water-based polymer finishing agent dosage is becoming more and more big, the quality of the paper becomes more and more good, many high-grade coated paper glossiness are very good, no longer glazing after printing and laminating, can meet the requirements of many products.

  But for printing glaze craft, now are still very small, although it has the advantages of convenient for paper recycling, but its disadvantages are also obvious. First is the glazing products to strengthen and fold number with no compare paper-plastic laminating products; Second, glazing products of printing ink color protection, moistureproof waterproof effect is not as good as resin coated products; Again, the current glazing oil product quality and the price is still unsatisfactory, waterborne glazing oil luster, environmental pollution by organic solvent glazing oil, UV glazing oil is not only the price, and there are different degrees of environmental pollution problems.

  But overall, glazing oil in color printing packaging industry to vibration fatigue is the root cause of its and paper-plastic laminating products as compared to the insurmountable shortcomings. In spite of this, many people still think oil polish in the page is a full of vitality and great market potential products, its larger market is not in the books and periodicals, notebook cover printing field, but in other commodities packaging and printing field. Because many of the outer packing of goods is not like books and notebook cover, requires repeated fold, especially the low-standard products of different class, waterborne glazing oil market is still relatively large. However, improve product quality, reduce product price, make the glazing oil does not contain volatile organic poison is glazing oil products must first overcome the three problems.