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Dongguan make environmental protection packing "green t

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Qiaotou town, dongguan city in five years to build environmental protection packing "green town"

  Recently, party secretary of qiao tou MoHouLiang said that 2016 years ago, qiao tou will implement the green packaging industry output doubled, to 6 billion yuan of above. Bridge will focus on building green packaging industry, its make a card with the eponymous bridge "lotus culture".

  MoHouLiang introduction, in the past, the bridge of electronics, furniture, packaging and other industries enterprises scattered, but there is not prominent characteristic industry. In order to break through the bottleneck industry architecture, qiao tou government after repeatedly to discuss research, finally chose green packaging industry has a good foundation.
To create "green packaging professional town", the prospect of MoHouLiang said: "the bridge has more than 100 environmental protection packing enterprise, the industry output value of more than 3.4 billion yuan in 2010, 30.8% of the whole town gross industrial output value. We have the confidence in 2016 will be doubled the output value of environmental protection packaging industry."

  To this end, the bridge leading to build the dongguan environmental protection packaging industry association, 1000 mu of green packaging industry exclusive land and planning, investment of 10 million yuan a year for five consecutive years as a special support fund. In addition, the packing industry chain upstream and downstream of the environmental protection is also within the consideration of MoHouLiang.

  MoHouLiang said that the bridge is going to speed up the building materials research and development center, product testing center, exhibition platform, etc. In five years is expected to continue making the qiaotou industrial chain, the core competitiveness significant environmental packaging professional town.