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UV ink is a kind of green environmental protection printing

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UV ink is a kind of green environmental protection printing ink

  UV ink is a kind of green environmental protection of the rapid development of the printing ink, has quick drying, parking ink will not frozen, saves the operation field, and the advantages of no volatile solvent. Because of these attractive advantages, in recent years, the UV curing ink gradually replace the conventional inks, the printing industry in the proportion of more and more big. At present domestic UV ink very fast development, has got more and more wide application field, whether can use the latest in offset printing or flexo UV ink, and with the requirements of food packaging safety is more and more strict, UV ink has become a developing trend of intaglio printing ink.

  Because the UV ink on the printer will not dry, so the printing process can be suspended for a few days. The unit part you just need to the occasional cleaning. Also do not need to measure and control the ink viscosity, because as long as the temperature of the ink remain unchanged, its viscosity is constant. No fire and explosion danger, so don't need to use expensive anti-static system and fire extinguishing system, it also means that printing companies can reduce the cost of insurance.

  Using UV flat-bed printing equipment, we don't have to put these complex substrates, printing process to produce, but can be printed directly on the rigid substrates, and they also are not afraid of stack. This kind of printing equipment can direct printing on any of the texture of the substrates. For the POP and the sign of printing, using this kind of printing equipment can save a lot of cost and time.

  (1) lamp aging. Flexible version of UV ink absorption of 200-400 nm wavelength ultraviolet light, general power is greater than 150 w/cm can be completely cured, currently using medium pressure mercury lamp, the service life of the average in 1000 ~ 1500 hours, and with the use of light electrode gradually decompose, bulb to produce deposits, transparency and the transmittance of the UV light weakened gradually, so regularly to test the light tube, timely replacement bulbs.

  (2) light source power is not enough. Printing speed is also caused by UV ink curing not thorough, the cause of the surface sticky. At this time can decrease the printing speed, or enlarged light source power.

  (3) the UV curing ink itself is slow. Can add light curing catalyst, decrease the printing speed or find ink suppliers to solve.

  (4) some manufacturers use ethanol to dilute the UV ink, and excess alcohol can affect the light curing degree, cause light curing incomplete, surface sticky. So should try to avoid using ethanol diluted, such as the need to reduce ink viscosity, can use UV ink thinner.

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