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Water-based ink printing corrugated paper four ways

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Water-based ink printing corrugated paper four ways

The corrugated carton industry use water-based ink printing equipment has four kinds of production methods, their features are different.
  1. Chain type single printing way, this way can only printing, slotting and die cutting.
  2. Commonly used printing slot and circle pressure circle die cutting production mode, this way to use up the ink printing, the slot or after die cutting, forming in a glue nail (box).
  3. Using automatic printing and slotting, fold glue nail (box) production mode, the machine used for folding forming on ink printing system, is a one-time molding machine.
  4. At present more advanced way of printing, die cutting circle, its characteristic is multicolor printing, high precision equipment, printing products can reach the effect of color printing, especially suitable for the sales of color box packaging. The above several kinds of production methods, their common characteristics are using ink printing, the printing principle and equipment structure is basically the same, just how much color, net line number and process equipment. Printing process influenced by many aspects and factors and constraints, a lot of problems is not simple adjustment can solve by operators. Only through all aspects of the coordination, as far as possible to reduce and avoid some unnecessary problems in production process.

 In this paper, the printing ink easily or often appear, analyses the common problems and take necessary measures accordingly.

  1. Slotting knife and longitudinal line pressing size, printing position is not accurate
  Cause analysis: due to the slot, not according to the size of the adjustment process drawing requirements, manufacturing cardboard length or width size deviation, ultimately affect the printing position is not allowed.
  Solution: first of all should be made according to drawing size adjustment slot or wire size, position accurately, and then based on the size of the accurate position adjusting plate position, check the slot or deviation produced by ti due to wear and tear.

  2. The print position row system, readjustment of plate
  Cause analysis: as the matching color and partial plate position shown unclear, error typesetting, printing position clearly skewed in the actual production. The present basic rotary printing, printing equipment and layout is on the plane, will inevitably produce longitudinal position error, and due to the size of the printing pressure also produce shrinkage problem.

    Solution: first, when you make 1:1 ink figure should be drawn according to the normal percentage of shrinkage. Typesetting figure position adjustment in accordance with the ink print. Should be used in matching color accuracy requirement is high, "cross" layout method, on the reticle plate and ink figure, a magnifying glass to check if necessary.

   3. The problem of printing white ghosting and the drain
   Cause analysis: both of these issues is often appear in the process of production. A ghosting around the printing logo or because the anilox roller and plate caused by stress; Print in the front edge of ghosting, because between the printing roller and embossing roller pressure is too large. Large area of printing a trainspotter, leakage white is due to the printing roller and embossing roller pressure generated enough. The two problems are caused by the opposite pressure.

  Solution: printing ghosting problem should adjust the clearance between the anilox roll and the version of roller and pressure, commonly known as the pressure. Ghosting is because the pressure is too large, anilox roll extrusion print version (flexible), so to increase the two roll gap reduced pressure. Printing is white leakage problem version should be adjusted between roller and embossing roll gap and pressure, commonly known as under pressure. Due to the large version of the roll and embossing roll gap, false in large area printing, which requires more downforce.
Another print quality such as uneven, version of the line, the hardness will affect the production of the above problems, should carry on the partial adjustment.

  4. Multicolor printing misregister

  Cause analysis: misregister problem is widespread in the printing industry, since it is the various factors, it is not very easy thing. Multicolor printing slotting machine itself first version of the position of the roller and the accuracy of precision is the direct factors. The second is the feed roller and traction roll adjustment, the use of traction belt, the accuracy of the plate is arranged, and cardboard warping problem will produce misregister.