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The printing in 2012 revenue, or is expected to grow

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The printing industry in 2012 revenue is expected to be slightly increase

  According to the research institutions of the biggest businesses in America -- a market research company scholastic database (IBISWorld) recently released the sankei shimbun, print the report in 2012, as the economic environment gradually improved, the printing industry's revenue is expected to achieve a small increase of 0.5%, to $796 billion.
In the past five years, the printing industry's revenue fall at an annual rate of 5.5%, and the prospects of the development of the industry is not optimistic.

  IBISWorld industry analyst Catherine mayr Germany (Caitlin Moldvay), according to the printing industry in the past five years has met a lot of difficulties and challenges, consumers are more and more like to use digital media instead of printed materials. She said: "for a lot of media products, printing needs time is too long, and the cost of shipping is higher, therefore, emerging media began to grab market share of the print media."

  At present, the printing is becoming an increasingly competitive industry, with the development of digital technology, printing market will become more narrow. Print sales and print their wages fall also harm the interests of most of the printing enterprise. And because the printing and technology upgrading the serious overcapacity problem too quickly, the printing enterprise integration between will become more and more.
  So far, the number of printing enterprises in the United States will fall to 2.62 m. Enterprise merger will let large-scale printing enterprise in high-efficiency equipment at the same time reduce the manpower cost. This trend has on some m&a cases. Enterprise merger is in the printing industry employment decline, by 2012, printing professionals will drop to 463900 people in the United States.

  according to a report in the past five years, print sales decline and the printing unit price decline has seriously affected the printing enterprise operating profit in the United States. And with the further differentiation of printing industry, printing enterprise only continue to invest in new technologies to ensure their competitiveness in the market. In addition, excess production capacity, technological change and the rise of digital media will also lead to more enterprises to merge. In order to adapt to the changing market environment, enterprises must differential operation of the road, constantly provide cross-media products and service for the customer.

  The report pointed out that in the next five years (2013 ~ 2013), the United States will continue to slow down the development trend of printing industry. With the emergence of various online and advertising, sales of printed material will also shrink further.