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Certification of green printing gradually began to work

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Gradually began to green printing quality supervision and inspection certification

Ji told the people: win-win co-operation is the best policy

  The news publishing industry "twelfth five-year" development plan "to" promote China's transformation from a big printing printing power, to achieve power in advance "in the news publishing industry to focus on printing industry. To "twelfth five-year" final, to become the world's second printing powers; Cultivate a batch of internationally competitive advantage printing enterprise; Strive for green printing enterprise number account for 30% of the total number of printing enterprises in our country. "Planning" will be the green printing on the press and publishing industry revitalization project, asked: "gradually establish and improve the green printing environmental protection quality system and play a green printing and digital technology to the whole printing industry innovation drive, endogenous growth guide", "speed up the drive printing industry area layout structure adjustment and upgrading of technical structure, improve industry level and international competitiveness".

  At present, the green printing to the deepening of environmental protection engineering construction step by step. On March 2, 2011, the first green printing environmental protection standard "environment mark product technical requirements The first part: the lithography printing ". This standard will be printing method and printing products as using objects, actively promote the implementation of the green certification system in printing enterprise, moved the whole printing industry quality level, the technical structure of ascension. Standard, seriously implement the printing enterprises in China, according to statistics, China printing technology association has been the first batch of 326 companies began to apply for certification of green printing. At the same time, green printing certification test as an important part of the certification work steadily. In February this year, there were four green printing quality inspection institutions for green printing quality technical and professional training, in terms of technical personnel and technical equipment geared up.

  On May 18, general administration of press and publication publishing product quality supervision and inspection center of Shanghai branch and Shanghai green certification center, the jinshan industrial zone and the general administration of quality inspection center and signing and a number of units in Shanghai education press, common implement green printing environmental protection technology, become a concern. Jinshan green creative printing demonstration park construction development planning in the next five years in our country, in the process of industrial park construction, investment promotion and capital introduction, and strive to promote green strategy, advocating low carbon environmental protection production mode, promote green environmental protection idea, and by fostering the concept of green printing enterprise, the practice of science and technology, focus on the real industrial park infrastructure from quantity to quality, by dilated to science and technology.

  The green printing quality management is built into the quality management of press and publication administration of the overall requirements of quality inspection work. Establishment of general administration of press and publication publishing product quality supervision and inspection center of Shanghai branch and Shanghai green certification center is to carry out the green printing environmental protection quality testing steps. The center through green creative printing demonstration garden in jinshan, with professional technical and professional equipment, provide direct and convenient services for the enterprises in the park, help enterprises to implement green printing technology, the implementation of the green printing standard, assist in training professional and technical personnel, for the production of raw materials, production process and product quality supervision and inspection, the escort for the enterprise. Accept the general administration of quality inspection center on the center in the business management and guidance, in addition to provide service for local, also will be commissioned to undertake national green printing quality testing, technical personnel training, green environmental protection technology research and communication and so on a work task. At present, the center has been in Shanghai under the leadership of the general administration of press and publication and quality inspection center, the jinshan district party committee and government, the support from the creative and green printing demonstration park, in the work place and work equipment to the staffing has begun to take shape, have to carry out the green printing environmental protection quality testing conditions. The establishment of the sub-center for other parts of the green printing in the future environmental quality supervision and inspection work play an exemplary role. Is the general administration of quality inspection center to carry out general administration for quality inspection requirements, implement the national quality management part of a unified layout.

  In march, liu stressed: when the director in the general administration of quality inspection center inspection to "clear quality inspection work throughout our reform and development of press and publication, management and service" in the position. "In the industry to establish the idea of quality first and do everything to put quality first". At the same time, he asked on the system, to establish a definitive the whole network, all-weather, complete coverage of all varieties, the quality of the management center, the national quality inspection work to unified management, unified standard, unified rules, unified action, quality inspection notice. In business, the establishment of long-term mechanism of the national quality inspection and method; Perfect the scope of business, to expand coverage, quality management to link up, i.e., there are standard, things have specification, chating with testing the whole process of management.

  The establishment of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection center, Shanghai branch for the realization of the national unified management of product quality, set up quality inspection system took a new step. We have to actively work to promote the news publishing industry and perfect quality management and supervision system of construction in an important position to grasp, to adapt to the reform and development of press and publication, management and service quality supervision and inspection system, improve the quality of Chinese publishing products constantly, better for general administration and the administrative department of press and publication at all levels of scientific management service, service for the sustainable development of the press and publication industry, to safeguard the rights and interests of the social public cultural service.