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Artificial stone surface UV coating process

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Artificial stone surface UV coating process

  Artificial stone in home decoration and architectural decoration has great market potential, its smooth surface, colour is gorgeous, bright and clean like jade, is popular with consumers. Artificial stone is the floorboard of the artificial marble and artificial agate, is made of unsaturated polyester resin blended with fillers, pigments, through a certain process, artificial stone has a non-toxic, no penetration, easy to machining, the color can be arbitrary allocation, arbitrary shape casting, etc.

  Artificial stone production and processing in the key link is its forming process and surface processing, molding process determines the inner quality of artificial stone, such as hardness, qu degeneration, temperature tolerance, surface treatment effect on its external senses, in today's artificial stone molding have assembly line production, its forming process have stabilised, but in the process of surface treatment are fine polishing the waste of manpower, a waste of time, serious pollution, many defective rate higher. The appearance of the man-made stone thicknessing can be finished with sanding machine, but the artificial stone surface fine sand grinding and sanding side must complete artificial, man-made stone surface hardness is higher, polishing and polishing time consuming, and the present technology can't make Gao Liangguang and has full sensory effects. The emergence of the UV coating process on the can make the production of artificial stone surface treatment problem solved effectively.

 UV is short for English UV ultraviolet, wavelength UV light is mainly refers to focus on the 200 nm - 450 nm light. UV paint absorbs the UV light (365 nm UV lamp with a peak) and photochemical reaction, fast curing.

 Spraying environmental requirements: it is recommended that customer should bring along their own dust-free spray paint room, can be reference to shenzhen sankun technology one of the following customer configuration; Ground water base surface, used to spray after wind clean. Each inlet for a wind shade, so that people carry away into the spray paint room dust; Spray paint room ventilation the positive pressure side pressure method is adopted in order to effectively clean and filtered air.

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