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Four green ink do you know the secret of choose and buy?

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Four green ink do you know the secret of choose and buy?

  Domestic economy depends on industrial development, printing industry trend is simple, high efficiency, high quality and low cost; Printing materials environmental protection; Fine print more timely. Corresponding also require ink to towards high quality, multi-function, strong adaptability, category complete, non-toxic tasteless green direction. Overseas has developed a single fluid offset printing ink, water-based offset printing ink, newspapers use water-based flexo ink is conform to the development trend of green environmental protection printing ink printing ink types.

  1, single fluid offset printing ink, the ink printing when removing water and wetting device, no liquid waste, no longer have to coordinate with each other the balance of ink and water. Unlike waterless offset printing, offset printing ink using single fluid does not need special envoy of the plate, and do not need to switch to the printer. The ink can be printed on the sheet-fed adhesive, also used thermosetting type paper rolls on four-color offset press printing, also can improve the printing speed of offset press. Use this ink is very simple, as long as the ink in the ink fountain directly, can be printed. In rev printing process using much less than the traditional offset printing press can achieve meets the requirements of field density, thus greatly reducing the amount of printing paper. Increasing rate of ink dot is very small, node replicates particularly precise, and can still be seen in 95% of the site within the scope of network. Print the image quality is clear, it can achieve a good level of concentration accuracy. In today's era of technology innovation, the enterprise in order to survive in the competition, must create a new product can meet customer demand. Printing ink industry is no exception, some of the big companies constantly to reform their own products, develop products for customers to bring more benefits.
  NationalPrintingInkResearchInstitute (international printing ink research institute, NPIRI) of the principal and INX international company vice President Mr BillTasker said: "in the past, people used to think that technology was developed with the development of the printing ink, but with the progress of inkjet technology, have to add updated content in ink technology, printing ink technology development is very fast." Printing ink products market share in the United States: offset printing gravure flexo $900 million $2.2 billion $2.2 billion $260 million screen printing digital printing/ink-jet type printing $100 million $250 million special ink (safety, tags) $270 million totaled $4.58 billion in existing products often some improvement, therefore some large printing ink manufacturers set up a foundation, commitment can provide new technology, make the ink printing performance better. Last year was a breakthrough year, reflect a lot of new technology, the Drupa congress Drupa has gathered the research ability of the company.

  2, mixed ink mixed ink in combination with the characteristics of the UV ink and ordinary ink, is another area of development, many companies are in the study.
SunChemical FlintInk, SuperiorPrintingInk, INXBradenSutphin EnvironmentalInks and Coatings etc. The company is committed to the study of the field. SuperiorPrintingInk company manager and Mr HarveyBrice GATF steering committee members said: "to produce a hybrid UV printing ink to printing is very meaningful, can use the ink on the printer instead of replacement of rubber cloth or ink forme roller. If a printer is set up for UV ink, can run normal ink. For the printing industry, it is a great improvement, because it has the extremely high flexibility." Hybrid UV ink allow printers can make small adjustments can be online all the production operation to complete a job. Really raised the production efficiency, and the ink itself transitivity and printing quality is higher than that of conventional UV ink. SunChemical HyBrite ink system produced by our company the biggest advantage is: be able to online UV coating, and no longer transmit process, complete the water-based coating. These improvements mainly comes from the UV curing additional conditions, the price will also increase, therefore, but researchers predicted that will eventually improve productivity. They expect hybrid technology will continue to improve, improve product quality and reduce the printing cost. Single fluid and hybrid ink is now talking about the two more improvement, but some of the larger ink company is engaged in the research of other products. The energy curing ink is ink industry in one area for the development of faster, especially the technology of electron beam (EB), will be a place on the market in the future.

  3 in water-based light oil, water-based offset printing ink, water-based ink, water-based flexo and gravure ink, water-based ink has been adopted, but will be used in water-based offset printing ink, water-based ink is an important part of the new product. Water-based connection material of offset printing ink containing propylene acid salt of water-based inks, does not contain mineral oil and no volatile organic solvent, is through evaporation and connection material composition of conjunctiva and dry, drying speed is equal to the water-borne light oil, belong to the pure physical dry, do not need special drying device, but can use infrared dryer to speed up the drying process. Waterborne offset printing ink is suitable for use on all traditional offset press printing, such as in the traditional four color offset press on with the fastest printing four-color printing, no smearing phenomenon, prints are of good quality. Water-based offset printing ink, the sheet-fed offset press is suitable for small size and the short version of the calendar.
  Printing industry is an international technical progress in the past 20 years, one of the fastest industry has entered a new era of digital printing. According to introducing, printing experience from the human language to have about 100000 years, from the printing was invented to stamping experience for 450 years, from the letterpress printing to color desktop system through about 30 years, from color desktop system to the multimedia electronic publication (no paper printing) experience for three years, from multimedia to the Internet only 18 months. Is: the development trend of international high-end color print increased rapidly, computer, electronics and other high and new technology are widely used in the printing process. At present, China's printing industry is: the condition of the traditional offset printing is still dominant, flexographic printing, screen printing development soon, post-press binding linkage automation, color desktop publishing system has universal application, digital graphic processing system of open mode and has become the basic characteristics of prepress system, direct plate-making technology and digital printing has become the development direction of publishing industry. The development of the printing industry and the continuous improvement of the environmental protection laws and regulations, to the development of printing industry has brought great challenges and opportunities, including the development of various new accord with environmental protection printing consumables; Modification of the original process, including raw material improvement and drying methods of improvement and so on.
  At present in the silk screen printing, intaglio printing, the printing process such as extensive use of solvent-based inks, containing 50% - 50% of the volatile components, if coupled with the ink viscosity required thinner, so the printing quality dry, ink, the total content of volatile components of the four-walled of 70% to 70%. These organic solvents are volatile gas, through breathing into the body of workers, liver and nervous system damage to human body, causing great harm to the environment. All alcohol education version of offset printing process fluid discharged into organic volatile in the air of workplace, when temporarily stop working or change the color of ink roll and rubber cloth cleaning, but also a lot of the flammable, explosive gas (of course from the Angle of manufacturer, use gasoline as a cleaning agent, both convenient and readily available, and good cleaning effect and drying speed quickly; the most important thing is cheap, greatly reduces the cost of production). But when see the benefits of gasoline, people often forget that use gasoline, likely caused the explosion fire, so that the printing plant in suddenly vanished; On the other hand, in the use of leaded gasoline, will lead to chronic lead poisoning of the printer that is more ignored. For a long time, in the process of all kinds of printing "misting" phenomenon has baffled the whole printing process. This is because the printing machine in high speed rotates, the ink ink film is divided between the roller and stretched, fragment, under the action of the surface tension of the ink, the fragment contraction, forming numerous spherical scattered small drops in the air, the so-called misting phenomenon. Misting problems both high-speed printing dangerous type of common in the process of fault, is also a kind of serious environmental pollution problem.
  4, water-based flexo ink printed in the future will be developed from oily offset into water-based flexo. Offset press printing unit structure is complex, expensive, and flexo machine structure and working process is relatively simple, less waste, low energy consumption, small ink mist and print ink does not fade, no smearing, no solvent in the process of printing and oil participation, also don't smell and reduce environmental pollution. Adopt the new water-based flexo ink (anionic) can print the quality is very good newspaper. Use this kind of water-based ink printing paper, recycled paper again with the usual flotation paper making method can get rid of ink, and then as a white paper to use. In addition to the above several kinds of ink, as the emergence of a variety of connection material, solvent, pigment and its application in printing ink technology, some foreign companies have developed pure vegetable oil (completely) does not contain mineral oil composition connection material manufacturing sheet-fed offset printing ink, pigment ink series, etc.