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How to choose the paint brand

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How to choose the paint brand

  Paint brand choice is very important, now on the market there are many different kinds of product brand, let users can't start the choose and buy. Brand paint coating of choose and buy, want to choose the big brand products, such as li brand paint coating profusion, security, construction technical support.

Note: when the paint coating of choose and buy
1. See weight: lift the paint bucket to shake, if there is a sound of sparse inside hua, shows a serious shortage of components, quality, or low viscosity. Regular giant genuine materials, shake almost couldn't hear the sound.
2. Dosage of response to do an estimate: when you buy a to buy enough quantity, in order to avoid has purchased coatings have off color.
3. Choose the same brand: primer and finish coat had better choose the same brand or matching paint, in order to prevent the adverse effects between primer and topcoat.

The construction sequence:
1. Removal of wood products and lines (wood) at the grass-roots level surface dust, dirt.
2. Trim wood surface defects such as burrs, bifurcation at the grassroots level with sand, make the edges in order.
3. With oily putty putty (or transparent) batch of scraping, polishing, polishing after filling putty (use nail varnish first fill brown eyes, eye, do local repair color).
4. The first time paint, after filling putty, after polishing to remove surface dust.
5. The second time paint, dust removal after polishing surface, repair oil part.
6. Painted a third time, until the desired effect.

Other precautions:
1. Metope stick cloth: in order to prevent wall cracks, not must be posted on the main wall cloth.
2. The wall lining: wall lining is putty alternative products, is the material of metope grassroots must use.
3. The primer, primer has the effect of moistureproof, mouldproof, must first after brush paint brush paint.
4. Color: when choosing coating color of color card in accordance with the building materials market, best choice than shallow the color of the color swatches.
5. Coating: coating effect than workers hand brush effect is good, but the comparative cost material.