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The application of UV coating in the furniture industry

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The application of UV coating in the furniture industry

   UV coating is the abbreviation of UltravioletCuringPaint, i.e., optical coatings, also calls the uv-curable coatings. With PU, PE, such as NC coating with film-forming substances named in a different way, named after UV coating is a coating curing methods. Since early 2002, in the national furniture enterprises concentrated area, using UV coatings manufacturers more and more.

  Furniture industry long-term use of coating is mainly PU, PE, NC coating, etc., through spraying construction, low efficiency, high cost, not only pollute the environment, and affect the health of the workers. With UV coating, on the other hand, green environmental protection, low cost, is advantageous for the mechanized operation, high efficiency, a lot of advantage. More and more attention, known as "green industry new technology in the 21st century". Nearly two years using UV paint manufacturers more and more, it will also be the future trend of development.
  Furniture factory, the introduction of UV line can't go with the flow, according to their own specific conditions, decided to input and return. There are a lot of manufacturers to buy after UV line, impatient for success, because the process is not skilled, poor ability to control the machine factors, can't work well, feel the UV coating is not like the legendary college is low, but the complex, and then on the shelf, untouched, and back to the way of traditional painting.
  For some small and medium-sized manufacturers, easily at the beginning there is no need to spend millions to buy the whole import UV line. Because without the support of a certain production, machinery depreciation expense and energy is very high, do more harm than good. The best way is to first introduce a Taiwan equipment, training, to grasp equipment, skilled craft workers. The first phase with the UV primer instead of PU primer do furniture panel and side panels; In the second stage with the UV coating machine side panel of the primer and topcoat and the primer is panel; The third stage for enterprise development to a certain scale, with plenty of orders can consider the introduction of the whole article import UV line instead of PU, PE paint.
  Coating way in the next few years, the most perfect combination is done by a complete line of UV, coating UV coating, the face plate, side panel is panel UV primer coating, curtain coating or spray PU paint. Both can greatly improve the production efficiency, and can achieve good results. Some the size of the factory as early as a few years ago began to use this style of painting, and has played a huge role.
Furniture factory made contact with UV coating, the use of UV coating, to keep up with the trend of development, make our products more competitive, in an impregnable position in the market competition.

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