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Uv light oil project price gap is big

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Uv light oil project price gap between traditional market can only be abandoned

  Establish joined the organization, how to strengthen the interaction of the outlets and version of the vendor. To improve the quality of products and services, assist outlets to exploit market, etc., should be a version of the industry in the direction of future efforts to and subject. Us strictly "printing" is not a new technology for printing today, but when big computer leading printing science and technology progress, after conservative craft puzzles are gradually replaced by computer group edition, which version of the technology is also getting easier, is also much less time you need. Version with the help of the Internet, or business conveniently, and has become a booming emerging printing processing.

  Simply put, add printing is focus some of the same types of orders, common combined plate making, printing, with common plate making cost allocated a printing process and printing costs. Further, because of the volume down relative feeding of interest and equipment depreciation, and so on. Either via the Internet or directly copy, because all through direct trading, almost have no capital to uv light oil business sales, so radical a salesman selling price than the printing company interest and more on lower price transparency and few bargaining space, prices don't have to be up in advance.

  Therefore, as the us version of the calendar format "must have" general and commonly used "features, and run version of the printing company, also must submit to" printing "project in advance, the so-called open project" in order to make policy committee printed a folio edition project orders are put forward.

  Due to the version of the items and the general price difference is very large, the committee of printed matters as long as it is usually drawn close version of print project, only out of a radical market. If can or to resist, the only thing is the radical print quality is better than us version, reason is very interesting, because different version of the color of the upper and lower mould, so will interfere with each other so we can not print out high quality, so make the high quality's calendar to get "independent version 】" so [to high quality, it is good to add some money to open version "independent" 】 but I couldn't quite agree with this statement, see the imperial palace high quality picture is red and green the same version of the print out, pay attention to accurate colors of cosmetics catalog didn't also heard that not a single can't print the main color of different products, so I don't believe this is the story. Recently a new trend that is more interesting, with five boot to avoid the problems of different version of the color of the lower die (because only one module and so no up and down up and down mode) to high quality, it is good to add more money to open the "five" boot "sounds very reasonable, but think about it, it's not hard to find it is wrong if from mould different color printing will not good, isn't the same mould and different local color can handle? Up and down is to rule the content of the poster must be the same as color? So have such vendor, maybe only the good solid colored calendar? If so, what are solid colored poster from mould? For either industry or the customer have "version or poor quality", view is

  Printing is a replica of the behavior, was originally a photorealistic, or edition version or not all the same, in the printing of good and bad one level above all by a mouth of blarney, most engaged in the us version of the printing enterprises, the original nature of printing techniques have some deficiencies, plus version belongs to low cost and relatively low profit of the booth fast transaction behavior, can not take time to explain, so the simplest and prevent unnecessary disputes is looking forward to reduce the guests in advance. And the "independent", "five boot" is just a kind reverse lift in the us version of the market price means or calendar is too bad quality from red herring. Printed or version of the low quality industry irresponsible from us version is such, high quality to open "independent", "five" boot; And "five" boot makers also regression takes greater human explained with the interest with the customer and quality, of course, I also want to accept more customer complaint, therefore on several levels is go back to traditional printing mode, the difference is there are pluses) or version of many customers, reduce breakdown) production scale economic benefit is poor, customer service manpower more version and the victory of contrary to reason.

  Nonetheless, "printing" to "the factory" "concentration" production of new management idea, also provides radical print outlets, from its own factories, printing equipment investment, more do not need to participate in printing production, and many other advantages, is lower than its own factory, own processing the production of capital. But since the version of the company and outlets between temporary, can only rely on "the price" to maintain the supply of weak relationship, the white-hot competition in the market, price difference is smaller and smaller, product and service quality difference is relatively more and more big, forming a us version of the industry crisis. Therefore, how to strengthen the interaction of the outlets and version of the vendor, establish joined the organization, enhance the quality of products and services, assist outlets to exploit market, etc., should be a version of industry efforts in the future direction and subject