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Special ink into the high-end printing wide prospect of mark

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Special ink into the high-end printing wide prospect of market

  More and more printing enterprises realize, special ink can be used to improve the enterprise profits. Ink manufacturers will take the same view. With the rising cost of raw materials, improve the printing ink manufacturer profitable price seems to be the only way. However, more and more printing enterprises have realized that they need to rely on ink manufacturers products make print effect to be more creative, and effective cost savings. Special ink is slowly among the high-end printing post-processing technology.

  In a shorter production cycle endogenous output value-added products can better meet the demand of the market. Although value-added India post-processing can let a person produce the effect of the "amazing", but sometimes can not obviously shorten the production cycle. Ink, therefore, also more and more get the attention of the printing business, their hope on the premise of not affect production speed to use ink to achieve eye-catching printing effect. Fuji color printing department marketing manager li to the European continent group TudorMorgan said, as the financial crisis caused by economic weakness, consumers continue to control their spending, so can make visual effect more attractive any products have become very important. Fuji color can be a series of special ink products, including metal ink and jade-like stone light ink, the ink can form a magnetic surface, mirror effect, and form a can touch effect of varnish and the color can be erased.

    The retail sector

  British AugustusMartin DanielPattison said the company's sales manager, ink product special features are attractive for many customers, retailers using product special features to convince customers to give up for the price. According to the international terminal marketing association survey, 75% of consumers buying decision is in the store. When the commodity price promotions is not big, it must be able to attract consumers eyeball innovative, at the same time must increase point of sales promotions. He said that their company's ink products applied to the standard printing can increase the visual effect, provide visual, touch and smell triple experience.
  Hybrid service, said the company's marketing manager DuncanJeffries metal effect ink printers for devices that use Mimaki very attractive. In outdoor printing market, many customers are using Mimaki eco solvent metal inks, offset the end products of high value using the additional costs of printing ink.

   The advantages of transparent ink

  Jeffries says, transparent UV ink has experienced the growth of the market. According to different curing, the transparent ink can provide matte or polished surface, can perfectly show print texture, design details, are ideal choice for customer.
  Morgan believes that some innovative printers pay close attention to the development of the ink, they want to use the ink in a variety of applications to create the outstanding result. TimPhillips Xennia industrial inkjet printer manufacturer, marketing manager, according to the customer to use these techniques to achieve the ideal printing effects, and form a complete set of equipment is also more complex, printing quality value increases, so the price also is logical. For example, combining UV inkjet and user can achieve the ideal effect, so as to promote the development of inkjet solutions. Some digital printers are optimistic about the special ink. He said, the price of the special ink also each are not identical, such as the color ink and light oil price are similar, and metallic ink price is higher. The price of functional inks may be higher in the future. Prices of high and low end also depends on the cost of raw materials, purchase and sales.