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Three points in detail the development history of UV ink

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Three points in detail the development history of UV ink

   But there is no United States so high penetration rate. At present in Europe, the United States is one of the first country to use UV ink for screen printing. Screen printing UV ink on the American market share in the printing ink accounted for 60-65% of total sales screen printing UV ink's average annual growth rate has reached 4%. Instead of Europe were early start using screen printing UV ink. There are 45-40% printing plant in the use of UV ink.

  And solvent-based inks are more popular with manufacturers in Asia use frequency beyond 60%, the main reason is that most of the printing enterprise in Asia to pursue low interest and no enough attention to environmental protection and labor force, so the UV ink so far did not reach the European and American developed country of usage.

  Above, you can see the UV ink in all aspects has a radical ink incomparable advantage. Screen printing UV ink since after being developed in the 1970 s, has a profound influence on printing industry, make great changes have taken place in the printing industry. Especially now widespread calls for environmental protection and sustainable development of UV ink in the printing ink market will occupy more market share.

  According to the national association of printing ink manufacturers NationalA ssociationofPrintingInkManufacturers referred to as "NA PIM statistics indicate, ink manufacturers in 2006, the average rate of return is only 1.9% of the industry need through various channels to strengthen the control of supply chain and cost. Caused by the product shortage ink soaring raw material prices have forced many gave up on the production of traditional ink and ink suppliers and turning to the other lucrative market, such as UV printing ink has been developing rapidly in recent years has become the main trend of the ink.

  UV ink is a kind of the oligomers, monomers, pigments, and various additives, printing ink light initiator. Currently use most of the UV ink in acrylates prepolymer based on no radiation curing
Now UV screen printing ink can be used to produce all kinds of printed matter, such as: poster, container, CD metal hull, body advertising, as well as various industrial products. According to different market the image of the outdoor durability, chemical resistance, cold/hot resistance, waterproof, and the different requirements of flexibility, the ink manufacturers to design and produce various types of UV ink.
  Today's most ink manufacturers have agreed that the UV ink in terms of environmental protection, health, peace pins a has more advantages than the traditional solvent-based inks:
  1. It is not harmful solvents, VOC emissions of heavy metals and volatile content is low.
  2. In the process of printing and net cloth cleaning/recycling do not need to use too much comfort cleaner, greatly reducing the anodyne printing and screen cleaning recycling process in the use of cleaning agent.
  3. The curing efficiency of ink is ink, and dissolve? Consumes less energy, and prevent the NVP or V - Pyrol easy pollution caused by the use of additives, etc.