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UV paint makes you produce wooden door look glamorous

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UV paint makes you produce wooden door look glamorous

  In more prosperous today, wooden door, the furniture manufacturing industry competition is increasingly fierce, the wooden door manufacture and sale of lower profit margins. How best to control costs, improve quality, improve production efficiency, especially when out of production on a person's dependence, this is suspends in front of every business owners.

  Wooden door enterprises basically for orders and production to mass production, the factory in order to take orders, competing with each other, contract delivery time shorter. And wooden door production is labor intensive, more many people process need manual operation, the paint process is most important, the stand or fall of craft is paint and processing speed will determine the quality of the products and the final delivery cycle.

  As consumers of the wood surface effect is more and more, PU, PE, AC, NC paint match each other process has been used more and more enterprises. But these traditional paint are all faced with a problem - curing time is long, can't realize the assembly line, and reliance on climate is very big. Paint waste, high degree of dependence on the paint spray paint.

  Solve the time-consuming disadvantage such as UV paint

  How to improve this situation? Everybody recognizes the UV paint is the best way to solve the problem. Many chemical enterprises and the wooden door production manufacturer in the UV coating on the development and application of a lot of effort and try, also has obtained certain achievements, but are basically applicable to surface roller type UV paint, wood and furniture is much different type, complex shape, roller coating operation is difficult to meet the construction requirements, such as to be able to develop suitable for wooden door with the bottom of the UV coating construction, paint, these problems will be readily solved.

  It is suitable for UV painting wooden door what some requirements? Construction, first of all, as the spraying coating has the good performance of construction, the viscosity should be controlled in the 15 to 16 seconds, high viscosity, spray gun can't spray, low viscosity and can lead to sagging and fill the difficulties. Second, such as wood door process on complex shape, so the paint paint easy accumulation place such as the groove will pale after solidification cracking. Third, we should very easy. Due to the complexity of wooden door line, a lot of places need artificial buffing, so far as to say that wood paint do well, the key see grinding process is good. Indeed, good transparency, PE fullness degree is high, but hard to burnish, therefore, difficult to promote. Fourth, to environmental protection, easy to operate. The 21st century, the shortage of labor is more and more workers are also more and more pay attention to the work environment. Can't leave away from human factor in the promotion of new materials. Construction process as simple as possible, the fifth, paint film performance is getting better and better, now the wooden door of the paint process is quite complicated, for the brush color, wood brush bottom depot, ash, repeated wiper spray primer, paint to repair the color first, and then spray paint to cover the light, so down a decade or two to process to complete. Only the simplified process, quality control to be effective.

 Many chemical companies have been efforts, but facing so many problems, in the true sense, UV painting has been developed. Now, yixing ninghu fine chemical plant after nearly a decade of efforts, has developed "NIHOO ninghu" brand wood coating series UV coating, completely solve the above problem. All open barrels can use paint, primer not sink not agglomerate; Not white thick coating, groove; Very easy to burnish, non-stick sandpaper, good adhesion, etc. Paint gloss smooth, feel is good, good fullness, good hardness, scratch resistance, no crack, good aging resistance. All of these characteristics, the end of the UV coating can't of special-shaped construction history. If used with "Shanghai" brand putty, fill Kong Bao, primer, paint, only need a putty, primer, a paint can complete most of the wood paint technology of artifacts. Overturned thoroughly the traditional PU, PE, requires repeated NC paint spray paint, repeated exposure to reach fullness of paint process. The product passed the European Union ROHS and SGS certification, must not contain formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metal and free TDI, real green environmental protection.

 Form a complete set of equipment can help improve the efficiency, solved the paint, again is the problem of equipment.

  Due to UV spray paint to instant drying, therefore, the use of reasonable oil equipment, three-dimensional uv-curing machine, stereo sanding machine, can realize mechanized assembly line production. This can greatly improve the efficiency of raw wooden door factory, save a space, shorten the cycle. Additional UV lacquer can be recycled use, thus can greatly reduce the paint loss, lower costs, and reduce the pollution to the environment.
  For spraying equipment manufacturers have, simply add a UV curing machine with flow leveling function is ok, about 5 - investment of 80000 yuan. For the use of the product and promotion, ninghu fine chemical industry based on the characteristics of coating and joint development of a complete set of professional equipment manufacturers in the paint coating equipment. Use a putty, paint, curing, sanding line line, four workers, one day can complete 300-500 sets of door the door and all the paint finishing line.
  Wood, furniture paint technology changes with each passing day, reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve quality, production mechanization and automation will be forever.