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Electrostatic spraying to speed up the production

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                  Electrostatic spraying production line crack wood door delivery time problem

  A few days ago, the industry association in hubei province to investigate the guangdong embellish into development wood industry co., LTD. Leap into the exhibition visitors are drawn to wood of electrostatic spraying production line. GuanRunKai chairman said: "run into the exhibition to introduce the production line is the first domestic wood door industry, electrostatic spraying production line, it solved the wooden door delivery time long production" bottleneck ", greatly improving the production efficiency. This production line is closed due to fully automatic operation, not only can solve the problem of environmental protection, and than manual spraying paint save nearly 50% of the cost." In embellish into development production workshop, the author see that solution whiteboard gate for electrostatic spraying production line for only a few minutes to completed a paint job.

   Cold air in the industry, especially the door into the consolidation period, guangdong embellish into development invested heavily in equipment to upgrade? The author has discussed this issue with GuanRunKai chairman further dialogue, detailed understanding of the features and advantages of electrostatic spraying production line.

Date of delivery "bottleneck" : hinder enterprises to upgrade
  The rapid development of modern Chinese wood door industry more than ten years, emerge a batch of market leading brand. With the constant improvement of the market share, production capacity and efficiency have become insurmountable bottleneck wood door industry. Most of a line of famous brand enterprises are trapped in the wooden door. Who can break the bottleneck, who is going to break out of it, become a wooden door industry's most powerful competitors. As a result, many premium brands are seeking breakthrough, but has yet to find a good solution.
  Guangdong embellish into development in order to break the "bottleneck" wooden door delivery date, after comprehensive assessment, the introduction of the world's leading electrostatic spraying production line, and recently tested successfully.
  GuanRunKai chairman introduced: "run into development after 10 years of development, heard on and off with the outstanding ability to innovate and steadfast enterprise style, is deeply trusted by consumers. With the improving of the market share, the capacity and efficiency of enterprises is being challenged. Run into development in order to guarantee the fundamental interests of the old customers, and take the initiative to give up a large number of overseas orders and engineering orders, and even did not dare to open new markets quickly. In order to solve the problem of production capacity, embellish into development technical backbone has repeatedly to Europe and the United States, after research, finally decided to introduce the current domestic most advanced electrostatic spraying production line."

   Chairman Chen Huiting remit dragon coating is introduced: "low efficiency is the biggest bottleneck, the wooden door enterprises today many businesses can't timely delivery of the goods. And the wooden door enterprises biggest worry is the coating. Coating as the last line of wooden door production process, is also one of the most important procedure, the most complex, also the most time-consuming, laborious, and prone to quality problems. Many companies are trying to transition from the traditional PU, PE paint to roller coated UV paint, but the effect is not ideal. And run into the development of the introduction of UV lacquer electrostatic spraying production line, a fully automatic operation, the spraying and drying can be completed in a few minutes. It is reported, the use of the production line, an operator a day spraying 500 sets of door, and there is no limit of the specifications of the wooden door and style. The machine after debugging good, as long as the arrangement of workers unloading is door, the door can be." According to the author, in the furniture industry at present, only a handful of companies such as red apple, dynasty introduced a similar production line.

    Electrostatic spray coating: paint utilization rate as high as 80% wood and furniture manufacturing industry has been very serious pollution to the environment, mainly because more VOC spraying operations. Countries introduced the relevant laws and regulations, mandatory wood products enterprises energy conservation and emissions reduction. At present, most of the wooden door enterprises are using the ordinary air spraying technology, paint utilization rate of less than 40% in real terms, is both waste and environmental pollution.

    And electrostatic spraying production line USES advanced electrostatic technology, let the negatively charged paint high-speed particle adsorption to the positively charged on the wooden door, paint the actual utilization rate as high as 80% above. The author made a test: standing next to electrostatic spraying equipment are spraying operations, can't smell the smell of paint. The author also found that the electrostatic spray a small amount of volatile paint can be recycled, so as to realize low carbon coating. It is understood that the electrostatic spraying production line has passed the certification of energy conservation and environmental protection of guangdong province environmental protection bureau and become a domestic coating model projects for energy conservation and emissions reduction. Coating effect: adhesion, feel is exquisite.

    According to equipment maker, DE company engineer yu-lin liu, electrostatic spraying production line of the core components are all imported from Japan, a bacterium of electrostatic spinning cup is equivalent to a price of guangzhou Honda. Ultra high speed rotary cup can spray paint particles into 13-15 um, and the ordinary air spraying paint particles is about 35 um. More convenient small paint particles to burnish, can make the wood surface produces more delicate touch and stronger adhesion.

  Chen hui dragon coating remind enterprises want to buy this production line: to invest big, electrostatic spraying production line is suitable for the large wooden door enterprises to produce more than 10000 sets, the paint is also special. This production line put into use needs a long period of time. Intended to introduce the production line of the enterprise need to be prepared.