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Painting door companies manufacturing and competitive abilit

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Coating level reflect door companies manufacturing and competitive ability

  Coating operation, it is the last line of wood door manufacturing process in the production process, is also a wooden door technology is very important in the process. Coating operation level, to a great extent, can reflect a wooden door enterprises manufacturing level and competition ability. The coating operation of wooden door, the whole wood door manufacturing process is also the most technical content of operation. Often hear wooden door factory bosses exclamation: do wooden door, carpentry don't need to bother too, is the most headache coating.

  Now the wooden door factory have sprung up all over the country. Many wooden door enterprises are real wood door hundreds of sets of above, the size, in only a few years ago a hong kong-invested enterprises in the pearl river delta region's, and rapid development speed. Around but we still should be clearly aware that development is not balanced, no matter from the enterprise scale, product quality, production efficiency, cost control, brand building, marketing channels, there is a huge difference in such aspects as management level.

  When it comes to the coating of wooden door, its core is: wood coating technology and coating management. Wood coating application technology is divided into three parts: coating selection, coating process design and the application of coating equipment.

   A, coating selection

  Coating is mainly divided into: PU coating, polyurethane coating, PE coating (unsaturated resin paint), NC coating (lacquer), UV coatings, uv-curable paint, W paint (water-based paint) the five. In wood coating, the above five kinds of coatings are commonly used to. Them at different times, different types of businesses, accounted for by the share is not the same.

1, PU coating
  The PU coating is one of the most commonly used domestic enterprise varieties of paint. It has good comprehensive performance, such as: construction performance is good, filling, fullness, hardness, grinding resistance, scratch resistance, have good performance. PU paint application in wood coating is one of the most.

2, PE coating
  PE coating is the most commonly used PE primer. It into transparent primer, non-ferrous primer (the main is white primer). PE primer is a kind of high solid content paint variety, high hardness and the fullness of the sag resistance is strong, is extremely high, but its construction performance is relatively complex, brittleness is bigger. PE paint only light products, no inferior smooth surface, PE paint in wood coating because the use of very rare.

3, NC coating
  NC coating is a kind of very old paint, and use a wide range of a species. It application in wood basically has: transparent lacquer, coloured lacquer (white and beige). Lacquer has good construction performance, coating operation time is shorter. Transparent lacquer is often done in the "open" and "half open" coating effect, has very good expression. The solid color lacquer multi-purpose in coating effect.
  In Hong Kong wooden door enterprises, when making project door, one of the most common is to use nitro solid color bottom, nitro solid color surface for coating operation. Of course, it also has limitations, such as not enough fullness, good hardness, solvent resistance, unfit for high fullness, high gloss products.

4, UV coating
  UV coating is currently the world's recognized two one of the most environmentally friendly coatings (the other is a water-based paint). It as a new coating, obtained the rapid development in recent years, especially in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region of the furniture factory, wood factory, wood factory are applied very much, this is a very new coating expansion of sense; With the matching process, equipment, technology is becoming more and more mature.

    Wooden door factory is the first to use UV coating enterprise mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta region of Hong Kong enterprises. Originally to make the transparent from the bottom of the transparent UV, UV surface or transparent color flat wooden door products. With the common development of UV coating technology and equipment technology, the construction technology of real color UV products also mature use up, there are many companies in the pearl river delta region has with color in the production of solid wood door UV coatings.

  UV coating in addition to environmental protection, the performance of the coating were also quite good, has the very good hardness, chemical resistance, etc. High efficiency and low cost is the key reason for UV coating to be used by a large number of promotion. Its efficiency is generally coating efficiency of dozens of times, the cost of the paint used is the 1/3 of paint - 2/3. If you count the manpower cost, save the cost would be more significant.

  But the UV coating also has its limitations, it only for flat wooden door, adopt the method of roller coating operation. In addition, UV coating on the equipment investment is larger. Early a complete UV coating line, the price of imported from abroad is as high as 15 million yuan. At present domestic has quite a few joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises in the production of similar equipment production lines, prices ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

5, W paint

    W paint is a kind of waterborne coatings, and its environmental protection with UV coating, variety is the most environmentally friendly coatings. Varieties of water-based coating in the coating is a new type of development is faster. In Europe and America region, a family to decorate most use water-based coatings for construction. Application in furniture and wooden door is relatively small, but there are some enterprises in order to meet some specific customer requirements and use of water-borne coatings abroad.

    Water-based paint, solid content is relatively low, the paint film is thinner, less hardness and water resistance is a bit poor, higher cost limitations. But with the development of coating technology, these limitations is solved step by step.

    Wooden door need to choose what kind of paint variety, but also on their products according to the various enterprises require different positioning, the product surface effect and reasonable selection. Reasonable selection, to achieve the best effect, and the province province. On the contrary, paid a high price but do not want to effect. The customer request, for example, wooden door with good fullness, and NC coating for painting-safety manufacturer chooses, is the time and cost twice as much twice as much of the material also can't make a very good effect. On the other hand, if the customers want is complete open coating effect, choosing NC coating at this time, is a good choice.

    B、Coating process design

   1, the fundamental basis of its technological design and program are:

In accordance with customer demand for wood products and standards for variety selection of coating, coating process and equipment configuration.

  2, common wood product coating requirements and standards

(1) to the requirements of environmental protection
  If customer no special requirements, we according to the "GB - 18581". Has more stringent environmental requirements, can provide on the basis of the specific parameters according to the customer.

(2) on the surface of the coating effect
  The overall effect: fully enclosed, half open, completely open. Specific usually have: luster, color, fullness, permeability, hardness, flow flat, soft scratch resistance, adhesion, brittle, etc.

(3) the chemical resistance of the coating requirements: yellow degeneration resistance, acid-proof alkaline, soluble

3, the coating product

  Coating product selection is very important link in coating process plan set. Selection of concrete is based on the premise that the effect of demands, the requirements of environmental protection, cost, efficiency requirements, and the requirement of operation habit.

4, coating process
  Coating process, it is a key part of the wood coating process design. The design of the coating process, the coating efficiency, coating cost, the influence of the coating effect is very important. Sometimes, the same painting effect, can design the different coating process, but how to choose the highest efficiency of job design is an important technology, advanced technology accumulation and coating application ability.

5, the selection of coating equipment and configuration
  When coating product selection, after coating process design, the selection and configuration of the coating equipment, will be fundamentally influence on efficiency of the coating. With the improving of the labor cost, technical talent increasingly scarce, it is particularly important to use automatic coating, grinding equipment. Especially in the field of wood door manufacturing, grinding efficiency of the products is ultimately wood door manufacturing efficiency of the key link, is also reflect manufacturing capability of an enterprise is an important embodiment.