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Why the label with the corresponding uv light oil on the pac

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Why the label with the corresponding uv light oil on the package

  Whether it is manufacturing of corrugated paperboard, know. Sealing or composite film processing, packaging, stickers, trademark paste, cannot leave the paste technology. Obviously can use adhesive technology as part of the anti-counterfeiting effect. However, there is no direct use of examples, so that the non-drying label are also discussed in this paper.

Stickers printing of new technology,
  1. The opposite of label printing. The opposite of the non-drying label printing. Is also a kind of special process. Refers to the adhesive of adhesive material with the method of the printing printing ink or coating appearance. By uv light oil glue printing a small amount of words or appearance design, make it a double label. When the post with a transparent liquid, transparent bottles or glass, can see label through transparent bottles or glass is not negative words of printing. In this way, a positive and negative labels can be respectively have different propaganda effect, saves the label information and cost, and make the goods with special decoration effect. Due to the structure of double sided labels are special, so you can have a certain amount of anti-counterfeiting effect. Reverse printing, of course, some small text, or do some memorization, can achieve the result of a professional anti-counterfeiting.

Refers to the many times on the transparent film printing,
  2. Two-way and reverse the non-drying label printing. Two-way label in graphic printed on the pressure sensitive adhesive to form a double label is different. Make its appearance is double-sided label. Reverse label is a special case of the bidirectional label, namely after the membrane reverse printing graphic, only printed on white ink or composite paper after printing the second layer is by no longer due to the particularity of its own printing, make its have a certain amount of anti-counterfeiting effect.

Or composite film processing,
  3. Adhesive anti-counterfeiting. Whether it is corrugated carton manufacturing. Sealing box, stickers, trademark paste, cannot leave the paste technology. Obviously can use adhesive technology as part of the anti-counterfeiting effect. However, there is no direct use of examples, so that the non-drying label are also discussed in this paper.

  Some when peeling the no damage to the packaging, almost all of the packages with the corresponding label in terms of the non-drying label. Some tag when off their own destruction, but have also jeopardized one of the packaging of binding. Obviously after a situation has realized the packing damage old packaging can't be with the purpose of fraud, will achieve the goal of destructive anti-counterfeiting packaging

  If we can correctly select the non-drying label adhesive, wine box packaging usually use a label adhesive sealing. Uv light oil can ensure the label when open the box and packing box at the same time. In general, the label paper with paper packing box is easy to achieve open box at the same time be destroyed for the purpose of homogeneous data is easy to achieve adhesion strong, and adhesive is also easy to select. Sticky box between different materials was more difficult, it is not easy to find the right adhesive; Second, high bonding strength is not enough, the glue rickety. Now all the wine box surface data is mostly plastic film, as a result, wine box labels also use plastic film as well, and is the same type of plastic is best. Design, should pay attention to two things: a wine box surface material and the adhesive strength between the inner material is lower than the label adhesive strength; 2 it is tearing strength than wine box labels the tear strength of the surface material, its purpose in order to easy to destroy when open box packing box.

Destroy the label,
  4. The destructive anti-counterfeiting labels. Is when consumers take goods. So that the old labels can not be used again, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting to achieve this purpose is to consider the location of the label is always
Slightly depend on the position of the label,

  (1) tear the label anti-counterfeiting: an example of destructive anti-counterfeit labels, bottle seal before you tag is good. Then will break on the cover, sealing. Open the bottle, the label on a broken twist off cap under the action of friction and tear destroyed, label can't be used, to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting
Destructive anti-counterfeiting function. Such as each has signed a smoke a pack of cigarettes,

  (2) seal label anti-counterfeiting labels to use seal. Smoking at first (or must) will sign smoke torn off, therefore there is no smoking sign be used again. The labels on the bottles and caps. Bottle labels are destroyed, cannot be used again, damaging the function of anti's here.
As long as the data of license,

  (3) the stickers as a substrate. Can take a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology applied on them. Such as bar code anti-counterfeit, telephone anti-counterfeiting holographic anti-counterfeiting, the main body, laser anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting, composite anti-counterfeiting waiting for printing, multicolor printing, such as composite of anti-counterfeiting printing.
According to the need of the process can be any combination into several kinds of compound printing process,

  (4) the same machine. Such as screen printing and flexo printing, screen printing and gravure, soft Inca hot stamping, etc. In a certain field partial use screen printing on the label, for example, can prevent the appearance of white spots and uneven ink, and mesh the graphic parts adopt soft plate network printing, improve the clarity. Through the composite printing the label of the stereo sense is strong, distinct, not only of good quality, and let the counterfeiters don't know the specific printing process, thereby anti-counterfeit effect.
Fragile film adhesive materials,

  (5) on the pressure sensitive information using a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology to printing can achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeit stickers information and increase the function of the non-drying label anti-counterfeiting ability. Uv light oil at present basically has the following kinds: easy shredding self-adhesive materials. Word film anti-counterfeiting film adhesive materials, self-adhesive materials composite fabrics, ping an anti-counterfeit stickers materials, label information safe and no fluorescent, fluorescent paper adhesive materials.
  Two kinds of materials before the appearance of information itself is easily broken, one of them. Adhesive with high viscosity, the cohesive force is greater than the strength of the paper itself, therefore, made with the label, paste, the goods can't jie down, one-time use, so that counterfeiters could not use the real tag is used to promote anti-counterfeiting products. Word film anti-counterfeiting film adhesive material is a kind of PET film made by a special process, its appearance is first printed on "DVD, or other writing again after glue, glue also has strong viscosity, with its production label goods again when jie qi, thin film coating of a previously printed on VD handwriting will separated from label surface material, such as commodity labeling parts can stay, as a seal label, you can verify whether the product packaging has been dismantle rev, so as to achieve the purpose of the ping an anti-counterfeiting and security principle of composite fabric adhesive material similar to word film anti-counterfeiting film adhesive materials. Only the composite fabric layer is transparent polystyrene film composite in polystyrene puffed materials on the formation of the red double-decker polystyrene, when again on its label on goods produced by the jie qi, double layer of material layer, puffed layer still firmly stick to the commodity appearance, has been proved that the packaging was demolished rev. Ping an anti-counterfeit stickers materials is a special kind of metal film adhesive materials, uv light oil hologram can be designed according to the needs of users. Peace label is one of the stores and supermarkets, using magnetic labels, tags with metal conductor, shopping payment after, can use bulk for label degaussing electric induction of degaussing label can after peace door automatically switched on the alarm bells, can effectively prevent the goods are stolen. No fluorescence and low fluorescence paper self-adhesive materials production in the face of the label paper contains no or only a small amount of fluorescent material, specially for the uv photosensitive ink printing under the irradiation of ultraviolet lamp display memorization, the purpose of anti-counterfeiting.

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