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The latest development of water-borne UV wood coatings

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The latest development of UV coating equipment waterborne UV wood coatings

  In the 70 s, people began to use solvent-free ultraviolet (UV) curing coating, in the 80 s, appeared water-based wood coatings.
  The latest wood paint is water-based uv-curable coatings. For some special applications, such as in the ambry of fiberboard (MDF) as the substrate and bath cabinets, uv-curable or at higher temperature double curing powder coatings are used, there are a few such production lines in Europe.
  Over the 50 years of coating methods and coating equipment have greater development. The original manual spraying has begun to no gas or air mixed automatic spraying and electrostatic spraying development.

  Curtain coating on the tablet, positive roller and back roller is developing very quickly.
  Since the 1980 s, there was a complete coating production line (using UV or other coatings).
  Today, the world has begun to use these new type of paint, but different countries when applying these coating presents different characteristics.
The main cause of these different is:
  A) the furniture style of different countries
  B) national laws and regulations about environmental protection
European countries in the fashion and environmental issues are quite different. In southern European countries like Italy and Spain popular high fullness high gloss furniture, so UP and PU coating is one of the most common furniture.
In Germany, the fullness of the popular on the market is low, opening and inferior smooth effect, thus in Germany there are still a lot of nitrocellulose coating in use.
Also in Germany, acid curing coatings and unsaturated resin coating, respectively, for the release of formaldehyde and styrene, is prohibited.
In Scandinavia, is the most commonly used acid curing coatings. Because of the free TDI (toluene diisocyanate), polyurethane coating almost don't use here.
As we mentioned earlier, unsaturated resin coating is often used as high fullness in Italy and Spain primer paint film.
The choice of different countries have different standards of paint, but the trend of the development of all countries have the same:
To use more environmentally friendly coatings, such as UV and water-based coatings.
NC coating for solid content and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) is higher, acid curing coatings for the release of formaldehyde, unsaturated resin containing a styrene monomer, will gradually disappear from the market, and solvent-free coatings and UV water-borne UV coating will be rapid growth.
In countries like the fullness of the low and inferior smooth effect, such as Germany and Scandinavia countries, conventional water-based coatings will become an important part of wood coatings market.

  Because there is no similar solid content is higher, and formaldehyde release of hazardous substances, at least in the next few years a two-component PU coating will maintain its position in the market.
  We already mentioned in front, fiberboard (MDF) in the decorative uv-curable or at the higher temperature of the curing powder coatings will become an important part of the market.
  Another has been used in automotive and other industrial water-based coatings, two-component waterborne polyurethane coatings sales to carpentry coating (DIY) will be sold in the retail market is greater than its furniture coating use in industry.
  Solvent-free UV coating, the conventional coating (one-component), UV coating furniture coating will dominate in the future.
Use these wood coatings is the main reason of the worldwide demand for environmental protection:

- low VOC, low or even no organic solvent volatilization;
No similar formaldehyde in - from curing good film volatilize harmful substances;

- do not use harmful monomer, such as unsaturated resin coating of styrene and acrylic monomers in solvent-free uv-curable coatings.
The use of these "new" technology, we can not only meet the requirements of environmental protection laws and regulations, also can achieve furniture coating; the effect of the different The fullness of the fullness of the high or low, light or inferior smooth, transparent or solid color; Can finish the different types of objects: tablet, tablet and the three dimensional space, such as a chair.

  Industrial floor paint is now mainly used solvent and UV primer paint, usually use roller.
  Furniture is not flat, flat plate can be by roll coating, spray coating and spraying methods of construction, can use two-component PU coating, UV coating without solvent, conventional water-based coatings and UV coating, exactly what coating used depends on the requirement for coating effect. Two-component PU coatings and UV coatings and water-borne coatings without solvent combination, can meet the film appearance (fashion), the surface quality and the requirements of environmental protection.
  MDF board is the modern furniture is very commonly used a base material, all of the coating can be used for MDF board, because the MDF board can bear high temperature (100 ℃ to 15 o), powder coatings can also be finishing MDF board. Through electrostatic coating a layer of powder coating (more than 100 microns), melt under the 100-150 ℃, and UV curing or dual curing. This way the surface of the coating is not completely smooth, there is a little rough, often used in the finishing of bathroom furniture. This kind of coating is relatively new, but it has a good prospect, especially need the occasion of thick coating.
  Use hard board and the metope adornment of MDF board printing plate, ambry drawer back and will be designed using water-based primer and UV varnish roller.
  Finally, two-component PU coating sales to carpentry coating of DIY (family) will be sold on the market is greater than its furniture coating use in industry.
  A special type of UV coating equipment - Vacumat (wood through a full paint containers) will be used for coating wood (long), matching coating is the conventional water-based coatings, waterborne coatings and UV coatings.
  With the development of environmental friendly coatings, a new coating equipment and drying equipment is developed. Drying equipment a major topic is how to evaporate the water in the aqueous TuDou. High frequency (microwave) drying is already in use, but the evaporation of water requires a relatively high energy is still a problem, but I believe can also solve the problem in the near future.
  Another notable problem is spraying coating can be recycled, which makes it is more expensive coating can be a more economic use, for this equipment manufacturers are developing new kind of spraying equipment.