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UV door plank will become the mainstream of ambry door plank

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UV door plank will become the mainstream of ambry door plank

  Ambry is entering China in recent years, it has occupied a family to decorate investment at the speed of fast start, someone said: a good kitchen, a set of good ambry, is sufficient to achieve a happy family life. A lot of household environment space of the build is to foil the beauty of the kitchen, reflect the value of the kitchen. {TodayHot} in addition, the kitchen design style tend to be more and more obvious, to modern eyes, the place that the kitchen is not only our cooking, cooking, and entertainment, leisure, friends gathering place, so it need to give us a better visual aesthetic feeling.

  So-called people rely on garments, horse saddle, ambry is relying on, speaking of ambry of face, to do occupy area is the largest and most cost money door plank, the door on the market at present various, it is difficult to accurately choose the suitable door plank material. Now that should pay attention to "face", you must pay attention to material quality. From visual aesthetic feeling is important to the quality of the door plank material, beautiful view, paint door, crystal door, melamine door plank is the mainstream of the household popularity material in recent years. But they are unable to achieve environmental protection, chemical resistance, resistance to physical damage, yellowing resistance, high temperature resistant, high hardness does not burst, not collapse edge, the performance of the fire. But people need a healthy environment, the biggest requirement of door plank is environmental protection, radiation protection.

  In ambry industry in recent years a new type of UV coating process, now the UV ambry door plank, it is just to solve the general ambry door plank cannot reach the effect, such as environmental protection, high hardness, corrosion resistance, radiation protection, etc., are very popular among the consumers. UV ambry door plank of its environmental protection was to create a healthy and happy family life. Visible UV door will become the mainstream of ambry door plank.