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The development of nano anti-counterfeiting printing ink

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Ink knowledge: talk about the development of nano anti-counterfeiting printing ink

1. Introduction

   Anti-counterfeiting ink is one of the most important branch of technology for anti-counterfeiting technology, involves many disciplines, such as optics, chemistry, electromagnetics, computer technology, spectrum technology, printing technology, etc., belong to a cross edge discipline. Including chemical anti-counterfeiting materials and technology is the foundation of the anti-counterfeit printing ink technology, on the research and application of occupies very important position. In the nanometer size range to manipulate molecules, multiple pattern, design and assembly stability thus create excellent function of new fine chemicals, new nano material, become a new frontier. How cross-link nano science, development of nano materials in nanometer fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food, nano composite materials and the application of new energy, become a competing scientists conduct research topic at home and abroad. Combined nanotechnology and anti-counterfeiting technology research and development of nano anti-counterfeiting printing ink not only has good printing effect, and can make the anti-fake effect and anti-counterfeiting performance is further improved.

2. The characteristics of nano ink

    The so-called nano anti-counterfeiting ink is in ink link material with special properties of nano anti-counterfeiting materials, can also be used encryption method by the special craft processing and special printing ink. Such as photochromic, cause the color change and uv printing ink, etc., or called "nano" ink anti-counterfeiting, basically has the following characteristics.

   (1) sun resistance, acid resistance and adhesion obviously improved. Nano ink compatible, superior performance, as a result of SiO2, TiO2 at nanometer scale showed a strong resistance to uv light and catalytic performance, by the special chemical reaction synthesis technology of nano anti-counterfeiting ink, can improve its resistance to bask in general 2 ~ 3 levels, heat resistance and adhesion fastness are improved obviously.

  (2) many ordinary ink in the process of manufacturing, we need to add the surfactant to reduce the surface tension of the connection is expected to increase the affinity of the whole system. And nanoparticles itself has good surface wettability, their adsorption on the surface of printing ink pigment particles, making ink oil-wet and wettability, and let the ink of solid and liquid structure to achieve stability, so add the ink of the nanoparticles can largely improve the printing eligibility.

(3). With added nanometer printing ink to copy of the nanoparticles specific color print, level will become more abundant, order will be more bright, the performance of the image detail ability also increased.

  (4). If the nanoparticles used in UV ink, can accelerate the curing speed, at the same time as a result of the filler finely dispersed homogeneously and eliminate the contraction of the ink membrane wrinkling.

  (5). Ink fineness is an important index to measure the quality of printing ink, because the raw materials in nano ink is composed of nano-scale particles, various particles evenly dispersed suspension, bring high ink fineness, will be able to save a lot of raw material and print out higher quality images more refined and more beautiful.

 3. The research status of nano ink

    Luminous pigment can be used as a kind of additive, evenly distributed in a variety of transparent medium, such as printing ink, paint, plastic, rubber, paper, film, printing paste, ceramic glaze, glass, chemical fiber, leather, etc., to implement medium self-luminous function, and can show the material with bright color. Its outstanding characteristic is to short wave under 450 nm wavelength visible light has a strong absorption ability, absorbing storage of visible light (sunlight, fluorescent and ultraviolet light, lighting, etc.), glow in the dark for 12 to 24 hours, the luminous intensity and maintaining time is 30 times more than traditional fluorescent materials, non-toxic and harmless, and the material itself does not contain any radioactive elements, its stability and excellent weatherability.

And can be used an infinite loop. Light materials because of the nanocomposites can be compatible at molecular level, small size and light wavelength, and therefore have relatively pure nanocomposite, polymer good transparency. With sol gel method, material generally is highly transparent, choose Fe2O3, V2O5 as inorganic components or WO2 layer of inorganic matter, get superconductivity, photochromic, color materials.

  Such as fluorescent anti-counterfeit printing ink light resistance is poor, the security mechanism has been deciphered and loss of the current situation of the anti-counterfeiting function, guangzhou university research success of near infrared absorption nano anti-counterfeiting printing ink, the performance of the test sample in the reliability, security, stability and aging resistance, etc, are to achieve a satisfactory level. At present the product has been applied to the outer packing, ticket anti-counterfeiting and infrared sensors and other high-tech fields.

    Anti-counterfeiting and Beijing university research team, has successfully developed infrared anti-counterfeiting luminescence materials, infrared security inks, especially infrared laser anti-counterfeit discriminator development success, effectively support the infrared high speed development of anti-counterfeiting technology. Infrared light emitting material belongs to the inorganic rare earth luminescent material, is under the infrared radiation, a dazzling bright green and red two colors of visible light, the infrared material is mainly work stage in 780 nm to 1200 nm. The luminescent material advantage is: the normal daylight, with white appearance, easy to refine grain, is making anti-counterfeiting products of special raw materials. Intelligent anti-counterfeiting beneficial is using a new kind of spectrum analysis technology and computer technology with the combination of high-tech product, its good security performance and ease of use, to meet the need, the highest level of security aspects in the international leading level.

  Domestic was recently recognized as national key new product of nano-scale transparent iron oxide series pigments has been developed successfully. Nanometer metal particles can absorb all the light waves and make itself in black, light scattering is at the same time. Add nano metal particles into the black ink, black ink can be improved the purity and density. Other semiconductor nanoparticles surface after chemical modification, particles surrounding medium can strongly influence its optical characteristics, characterized by absorption spectrum redshift or blueshift. Such as to add to the yellow and cyan ink made it nano ink, can increase the purity of yellow ink, green ink, to print more abundant.

  Nanoscale carbon ink has the ability of electrical conductivity, electrostatic shield effect, has the very good protect the telegraph signals from external electrostatic interference, if add ink, it can be made into conductive ink, used for large capacity of integrated circuit, a modern touch panel switch, etc. In addition, such as Ag in the conductive ink made of nanoscale and replace the micron grade Ag, can save 50% of the Ag powder, this kind of conductive ink can be directly printed on the ceramic and metal, uniform ink layer is smooth, performance is very good. If the Cu, Ni, material of 0.1 1 um superfine particles, it can be instead of palladium and silver and other precious metals conduct electricity.

4. The conclusion

    Now, although the nano ink has made great progress in the development, the advantages of nano ink is there for all to see, however, nano ink still is not very popular. On nano ink domestic at present basically is still in the pilot phase, from is widely used in printing ink manufacture and printing industry in some distance. With the development of nanotechnology, nano ink for ink manufacturing open up a new world, a vast, ink and printing technology for the world to bring a new revolution.