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New coating materials and their application are briefly intr

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New coating materials and their application are briefly introduced

  Coating technology progress of application of the new coating material is the forerunner, constantly meet the performance requirements under the premise of coating with application can reduce pollution, decrease the cost of coating materials as the main development goals.
  From biodegradable surfactant preparation of nickel degreasing agent, phosphating solution, no nitrite phosphating liquid, chromium-free passivating agent, degreasing agent at low temperature (processing temperature 43 ℃), performance is the same as the conventional low temperature (35 ℃) less slag (10% ~ 30%) lower than the conventional phosphating liquid, lead-free wuxi cathodic electrophoretic coating and low temperature curing (160 ℃ for 10 min) and low heating loss (below 4%), low VOC emissions (0.4% ~ 0.8%) type of cathodic electrodeposition coatings in Europe and the United States and Japan have been applied for many years. In North America and Europe, alternative to the traditional secondary electrophoresis paint coating has been used.

  In Europe, some car companies have in recent years a new coating line are all made of water-based coatings, VOC emissions are below the regulatory requirements of 35 g/m2 (German TA Luft, 1995). Starting in the 1990 s, all new primer coating line all adopt the electrophoresis paint or powder coating, coating or coating used in high solid material, the surface color paint USES water higher solid varnish. At present, the materials of powder varnish has been used in car coating. After powder hood light lacquer industrial application, powder metal background have been commercialized. In North America, powder coating has industrial application for many years, at the same time, water-based paint color spread very fast in recent years, high solid coating and paint application is also quite common. Europe and the United States of ultraviolet (UV) curable coatings application technology in automobile coating is close to maturity. Japan is in active development and promotion of waterborne coatings, high solids content and high solid points in the paint coat.

  With the worsening of the global environment, we must raise the acid rain resistance of automobile coating and abrasion resistance. In recent years, reduce the body inside and outside surface end of electrophoresis paint film thickness difference of swimming through high strength, low pigment electrophoretic coating, resistant to acid rain and resistance to abrasion in the paint, multicolor coating and coating of the viscosity control technology such as widely used. With several big car company in China before the paint material and electrophoresis paint applications with international level difference is not big, but as a result of application in water-based paint and water-based paint must use specialized equipment, thus improve the coating cost. Although foreign wholly owned companies and joint ventures in the domestic production of water-based coating and the ability of water-based paint, but car coating of coating and paint still adopts the traditional low solid solvent paint, coating VOC emissions far lags behind that of Europe.