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Electrostatic pensu and traditional painting process

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The difference between the electrostatic pensu and traditional painting process

Electrostatic pensu advantage than traditional painting process (" electrostatic powder coating "commonly known as" electrostatic pensu ") :

  1, don't need to be thinner, construction on the environment pollution-free, harmless to the human body;
  2, the coating appearance quality is excellent, strong adhesion and mechanical strength;
  3 short cure time, spraying construction;
  4, coating corrosion resistant ability higher;
  5, do not need primer;
  6, construction convenient, low technical requirements to the worker;
  7, the cost is lower than with the effect of spray painting process;
  8, some applications has explicitly put forward must use electrostatic pensu processing,
  9, will not appear in the process of electrostatic powder spraying paint flow process of the common phenomenon;
  10, spraying effect on the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, etc, is superior to the spray paint process;
  11, fast development, in addition to like a hammer, orange stripes, grinding, highlights, inferior smooth, crack, flash, flashing silver, gold and other effects, have appeared in recent years, high temperature resistant powder, powder at low temperature, high weather resistance, water resistance, acid powder powder powder, low temperature curing powder, UV curing powder, etc., make the electrostatic powder coating has a more broad prospects.