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Uv ink performance and absorption performance

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Uv ink performance and absorption performance

Thy neck more stickers which kind of glue is suitable for permanent label needed?

  Permanent glue the applicable scope is very broad. Product inventory, for example, the use of EAN barcode tag and office use of information. How thy neck adhesive is a kind of high viscosity RP51 permanent glue, can be widely used in all kinds of stickers surfaces; RH01 is a powerful permanent hot melt glue, very suitable for non-polar and wet surface, these two kinds of glue is made to match the paper surface. RP37 is a specially designed for matching design of general permanent glue by the thin film surface material.

  Water also belongs to the permanent glue, glue but when no longer need to label, available water to wash off the label. How thy neck May also provide RP45 and RP40 used on the recycled bottle and plastic boxes, etc. If you need to label that can be easily removed from posted surfaces, so should choose which kind of glue?

  Glue can remove sex in general and posted surfaces and storage environment. Thy neck more stickers RR22 is a kind of coordination with the paper surface material gm can remove glue; RR28 is with thin film surface material can remove the glue. And a final application is heavy stick, also is the label to remove short after labeling, but after a period of time to become permanent glue. Thy neck RS32 of adhesive glue is designed solely for the final application.

Thy neck more stickers to provide other special application of glue?

  Thy neck adhesive is also committed to continuously develop more suitable for other special application of the adhesive. Such as tyre tag and medical special applications. No matter how thy neck adhesive application, which ultimately can provide matching of glue. With paper capillary absorption and the components of uv ink low viscosity of some components in the uv printing ink to paper in osmosis. Printing pressure, uv ink performance refers to the paper surface in the process of printing on the printing machine stamping instantly receive the ability to transfer ink. Closely related to paper the three aspects of performance: paper appearance accept printing ink wetting ability; The paper looks to absorb certain ink composition; Paper fixed appearance and the ability to keep uniform ink film. From ink and paper on ink absorption performance in contact with the paper to fully cure on paper a long time. Printing time, ink viscosity, paper capillary radius will affect the paper on ink absorption ability. The same kind of ink in the same conditions to absorbing different printing paper, will have different printing density. Paper appearance exists by anisotropic multiphase complex structure elements to form pore structure, in order to make the paper obtain good uniformity and smoothness, will make the paper surface coated coatings with different thickness. The nature of the coating and the thickness determines the paper looks to the ink absorption ability. Absorptive capacity is different, cause the color of the printing ink layer.

From three aspects analysis the effect of printing ink on paper

1. The paper whiteness
  Should in the measurement of whiteness near the main wavelength does not affect its reflectivity, factors that affect the whiteness of paper are: (1) pulp whiteness: one of the most important influencing factors. (2) dye: select dyes. That does not affect the paper whiteness. (3) packing: depending on the type and level of it. (4) coating: printing paper whiteness by base paper whiteness, white coating, coating quantity to determine. Different whiteness and with a certain color of paper (such as some paper slant blue to yellow) color rendering of the printing ink layer has different effect. For the same kind of white board paper, white degree, especially for the color with tall lightness value, influence particularly evident, causing ratio of the color difference is very big. Should choose as far as possible in the process of production, therefore, the same white paper printing, to reduce the influence of paper whiteness on printing color occurs.

2. The smoothness and gloss of paper
  Paper gloss and print gloss has a direct relationship between, from the impact on the quality of printed matter. Whatever the type of ink and gloss with the increase of its gloss paper. The gloss of paper and paper details the efficiency has a direct connection, has a high gloss paper glossiness low on paper the same ink film thickness of paper can obtain higher printing density. Therefore, print gloss and paper there is close correlation between its luster.
3. Paper, ink performance and absorption performance

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