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Different substrates ink have different requirements

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The substrates of different materials Ink have different requirements

  To consider all the factors is not realistic, therefore, there are many factors affecting the effects of ink used. Only focus on the main factors, through the reasonable selection of pigments, connecting material and additives, ability makes a basic qualified printing ink. Substrates of different materials, in general. Is different to the requirement of printing ink. Packaging materials used in the protean, so there is a wide variety of all kinds of printing ink is suitable for different packing. But some of the basic characteristics is the packaging all kinds of printing ink must have basic requirements for printing ink

Easy to move,
  1, good liquidity. Liquidity good ink when use for easy transport. Don't block print head.
Good tackiness,
  2, the printing ink after printing on substrates to dry quickly. Not easy to rub off, to ensure that the print clean and tidy.
Do not fade, do not change.
  3, print color to correct.

Packaging for the special requirements of printing ink

  1, colour diversity
Therefore, commodity packaging decoration quite a few for the purpose of sales promotion. Printing color variety, colorful is the basic requirements for packaging and printing ink, suitable for printing inks, abilities printed packaging beautiful packaging, talents caused consumers interested in buying goods.
Pigments are mostly used in organic compound, packaging printing quality of the decoration is beautiful. Such bright paint, but the durability is generally not very ideal, print place a long time, often appear fade, makes the packing of goods looks a little fresh, so when choosing packing of black ink, pay special attention to the use of those unfavorable faded paint, to ensure the durability of the package is brilliant.

  2, the special technical requirements
If do not need high temperature cooking sterilization packaging, after printing a different process of printing ink have different requirements. For printing ink. So there is no need to consider the problem of high temperature resistant ink, general ordinary ink can meet the technological requirements, otherwise, they must use high temperature resistant cooking inks, in order to prevent the ink fading in the process of food sterilization and some chemical reactions and physical changes, influence of commodity packaging decoration effect.

  3, the special hygiene requirements
So as not to cause food contamination. Health requirements for printing ink is also very important aspect. For example, in food packaging printing plastic film when consider the permeability of printing ink.

  4, special drying requirements
  Due to the appearance bright and clean smooth, different materials have different ink dry. Materials such as ceramics, tin, plastic film. Ordinary ink adhesion not easily, you need to use fast dry ink, like uv drying inks, pulse radiation dry ink, etc.