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Six waterborne uv light oil popular reason

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Six waterborne uv light oil popular reason

  When polish contains 20 ~ 30% moisture content, generally at room temperature + 5 ℃ to + 10 ℃ above resin polymerization. Glazing conjunctival process has been basically completed. Uv light oil from the water it is not hard to see in the process of conjunctiva, waterborne glazing not too high requirements for temperature, water based on the use of the uv light oil on a gravure machine compared with uv light oil in the general solvent is more convenient. Mainly control the glazing oil viscosity, the depth of the roller and oven temperature, instant drying, glazing oil can be directly hot stamping die cutting.
  But big problem relates to the whole human survival. Printing products is one of the infiltration of human life is the most extensive product, environmental protection is not only an economic problem. Of course, to be the concern of the society and people. Packaging printing and commercial printing, etc., in recent years has gradually increased a lot of health, environmental protection, labor safeguard requirement and restriction conditions, especially for food packaging and printing requirements more stringent, only such ability meets the requirement of international health standards. Under this trend, and strive to the development and application of pollution-free, pollution-free green "information is imperative. Water-soluble glazing oil is developed in recent years to research and development of new printing glazing materials, increasingly by people attaches great importance to the printing industry. Has complete copies of appearance, graphic printing process using field plate or by plate with a printing machine printed once or twice glazing oil, make print appearance of light thin layer method.
  Source widely, water-based printing gloss oil consists of synthetic resin, additives and water processed by science and technology. Has a non-toxic, no stimulation, no organic volatile, low interest rates. Unmatched by other solvent oil polish waterborne glazing oil can eliminate the harm of human body in the operation and the pollution to the environment, has become more and more been paid great attention in food, medicine, tobacco, printing enterprises. Waterborne glazing oil compared with solvent-based glazing oil in addition to the advantages of environmental protection, and what are the advantages? According to my experience, in the actual application can be summarized as follows:

Good gloss,
  (1) high transparency. No influence to color print, printed light, temporary strongly under the irradiation of the sunlight, waterborne glazing oil is not easy to yellow.
Scratch resistant
  (2) high resistance to wear. Was printed surfaces, wear-resisting, no fading, repelling water, spent oil, deeply user welcome and trust, especially the cigarette case, the rate is as high as 300-500 package/minutes of high-speed, cigarette packs to sustain large mechanical load, for this printed matter not only need to polish, and to have strong wear resistance, waterborne glazing oil is not only fully meet this requirement, and gravure and offset printing no found cigarette packet rub off phenomenon.
Dry quickly,
  (3) the conjunctiva is fast. Waterborne glazing oil application on CD Heidelberg five-color even glazing offset press, printing speed 13000 / hour, infrared drying power KW5 5.4 x 2 groups, under the condition of temperature 65 ℃ dry completely, satisfactory application results have been achieved.
Waterborne glazing oil is good for safe production and improve the worker labor conditions. Due to the solvent oil polish belongs to the category of dangerous goods,
  (4) use, convenient transportation, storage, and peace. Transport, storage, use very convenient, with water as solvent and waterborne glazing oil, without any danger, the use of safe and reliable. After the light, can be directly printing roller, machine, wash with water and liquid trough, adhere to the machine, workshop area clean, clean, and don't pollute the environment.
Waterborne glazing oil with water as solvent,
  (5) avirulent insipidity. Only a small amount of volatile edible alcohol as the auxiliary solvent, therefore particularly suitable for use in food, medicine, tobacco packaging. Tobacco is a kind of plant that absorbs flavour, the possibility of the application of waterborne glazing oil can eradicate the root of changing.
Currently widely used in cigarette packet PP film as the outer packing. Waterborne glazing oil has a good heat sealing performance,
  (6). High temperature resistant, heat sealing performance is good. Even with cellophane, also can obtain good heat sealing effect.
One of the most difficult problems in the gravure printing is printed after several color group after continuous dry,
  (7)good flatness, volume resistance is strong. Paper moisture content is extremely low, especially easy to curl that cannot be used. Waterborne glazing oil were used for flexible packaging, polishing products to cut big pieces, and then gilding cutting, still keep good flatness and volume resistance, this change for offset printing gravure, especially need to hot stamping gravure cigarette label change provides a new road.
Today the price is reasonable.
Waterborne glazing oil also is very convenient in use, in addition to the above advantages. Especially the conjunctiva drying process have an advantage more than solvent or oily gloss oil.

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