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Door plank of UV spraying matters needing attention

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Door plank of UV spraying matters needing attention

  At present, the UV coating for its environmental protection, full color, high brightness, high mirror effect, scratch resistance, antibacterial, acid and alkali resistant, easy cleaning, no dust, no condensation, do not fade, etc have been approbated by consumer gradually. And easy storage, processing, to produce high quality door plank, quickly to ambry business, dealers has brought good economic benefits, has been widely used in sanitary ware, furniture, interior door, door, partitions, walls, etc.
  s the highlight of the advantages of the UV coating, the problem comes, UV product appeared to take off the floor, the problem such as cracking paint, color is not full, damaged the UV product's reputation in the industry, coating the surface of the defective point at the same time, this makes plank usage is reduced, the cost increases, and is not conducive to large-scale industrial production.
How to overcome these problems? Long rt company warn broad furniture manufacturers in the door plank of UV spraying pay attention to the following items:

  A, ambry door plank before spraying must check whether the PU paint color uniform, the surface is smooth, especially the four edges of paint layer thickness is uniform and finally must check whether the paint is completely dry thoroughly, if there is no dry thoroughly, extremely easy in spray UV paint is the phenomenon of small blisters.
  B, in the process of spraying, attention should be paid to several aspects of:
1, spraying environment suggest self-provided dust-free spray paint room, try not to let the dust scattered attachment above and affect the surface effect.
2, after spraying the two white to be completely dry, dry faster adjustment and grasp well, otherwise it will affect the PU and the UV adhesion.
3, in addition to pay attention to the measurement of UV paint, paint film is not too thick nor too thin, to avoid the cracking phenomena occur.
4, IR flow flat also should cherish good time.
  The following simple introduce a PU primer based UV board spraying process:
  Wood coating (primer) on the basis of process: coating PU white (two) to dry sanding, spraying PU color (two) - dry sanding to spray UV paint, IR flow flat - > UV curing.