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The importance of coating management in car coating effect

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The importance of coating management in car coating effect

  A surface is bright and clean bright car, will win the hearts of many cyclists. And coating technology in automotive direct performance, beauty of the role of, already more and more important. And how to improve the coating process, to improve the brand competitiveness of automobile, more effectively extend the service life, become a car manufacturing technology, an important link.
  Automobile coating process, there are several important links: one is the material of coating materials, the second is coating process skills, three is the coating management. Many companies, too much emphasis on coating materials and coating process, and failing to do in the coating management. But in the automobile manufacturing involved in automotive coating, coating management is played a key role.
  This is because the coating management can have overall consideration. Coordination of global role. Good materials and technology, more need to have reasonable arrangement and use, not able to guarantee the overall quality of the product. In the coating management, major should pay attention to the following three points:

A, people-oriented
  Individual is a cornerstone in the enterprise, a dedicated staff or not determines the production value they have created, because in the management of the staff, to give full play to their initiative, stimulate the potential, better use coating technology is reasonable, and when. In daily work, to do:
  1, good technology foundation
The modern coating process is developing rapidly, so in a timely manner to the enterprise staff training, make its comprehensive system to master the specific techniques, to achieve flexible use.
  2, solid enterprise idea
The establishment of corporate culture on employees' psychological quality and the development idea has a decisive influence, so to enrich the corporate culture, set the production idea of good faith for this quality first.
  3, reasonable rewards and punishment system
Effective system of rewards and punishments to stimulate the initiative of the enterprise staff, technical staff, has the obvious effect.

B, technology innovation
  For car repair coating, coating process including substrate treatment, construction of priming paint, paint layer of coating, the coating repair, car body plastic coating material, coating finishing. For some basic technology skills, each enterprise is real in place, however, only by constantly improving technology, technology innovation, to grab the opportunity. Therefore, the establishment of targeted technical research department, is necessary. Reasonable use of technology innovation, and can be used the most the most ideal method of science,
Energy save material achieve twice the result with half the effort.

C, use of high technologies
  Science and technology is the first productive force. The modern coating process, should focus on low carbon environmental protection. So, low energy consumption, high standard, not only for material selection of standard, also included in the manufacturing process details. , improve existing coating process, development of new technology of saving energy and reducing consumption, such as powder coating process, from new water-based paint coating, 3 c1b technology, LCCC process, UV curing varnish and cartridge type paint technology, etc. To save costs and reducing energy consumption, improve product market competition, has the vital role.
Above all, a good painting work effect is the process, equipment, process discipline, quality, environment and personnel management and so on, the coating management net effect on the painting work is the decisive factor.