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UV coating system booster furniture enterprises "their&

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UV coating system booster furniture enterprises "their"

  The latest data released by the commerce, furniture and so on seven kind of labor-intensive products exports fell quickly. At the same time, the insufficient external demand of the international market, the international competition, our country faced by the foreign trade this year the situation is more complicated. To this end, the ministry of commerce suggested seven companies in emerging markets such as furniture, try to maintain the steady export growth and use more advanced and efficient technology and equipment. For such a traditional Chinese furniture exporter, enterprises need a more efficient, and environmentally friendly coatings and technology to ensure that the furniture "face project". And UV coating and its coating system can definitely solve this headache problem.
  At present, many buck the trend of furniture manufacturing enterprises are stepping up the opportunities around "their", laying more powerful sales network. More orders, production speed, coordination &liaision instead but couldn't keep up with, it also makes many enterprises aware of the seriousness of the problem. Improving production process for some after primitive accumulation of factory, need to further improve, improve production technology, such as products from the end, the transition to do high-end, even the top products, the process of ascension, you need to grope and commitment. Effective equipment for furniture products, good equipment, is a good product, fast the important condition of the product. Because UV spray paint can be instant drying, use of reasonable oil equipment, three-dimensional sanding machine, three-dimensional uv-curing machine, can realize mechanized water production, also can greatly improve the efficiency of furniture production, save a space, shorten the cycle.
  And UV lacquer is a kind of by UV irradiation curing film coating, performance not only, more important, quick construction, curing speed, mass, can use equipment for mass production, only need equipment debugging personnel and porters, can greatly reduce the dependence on artificial painting and decoration of furniture production, improve the efficiency of coating production more than 10 times, increase the stability of the product, more greatly reduces the coating composite cost 30-50%. Promoting the UV coating technology, and promote the transformation and upgrading of furniture painting, the furniture and related industries, enterprises will have a positive impact. UV coating is one of the most environmental protection coating as currently recognized in the world, has been rapid development in recent years, especially in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region of the furniture factory, wood factory, wood factory has been widely used. Matching with the process, equipment, technology is becoming more and more mature, UV coating streamline production help save paint, furniture manufacturer to control the cost, improve the quality, shorten curing time, improves the production efficiency, especially from the production of artificial dependence.
  Improve coating production technology to shorten the production period of the paint process, many chemical enterprises and wooden furniture manufacturers in the UV paint coating on the development and application of a lot of effort and try, also has obtained certain achievements, but the furniture itself many different type, complex shape, roller coating operation is difficult to meet the production requirements. However, there are also some enterprises after the introduction of UV coating production line, but not very good, can only put in that become the idle goods. It is worth mentioning: reduce the calibration single proportion to some enterprises put forward the "common" and "personality" proportion coordination, product structure component of the "common", the formation of large-scale production, to play the "plus" personality, but how to configure is the key.
  In March 2011, the shenzhen people rc groups about "VOC" governance work conference held in shenzhen citizen center, suggested at the meeting about the enterprise before March 15 will be some furniture production enterprise organized coating production line to realize VOC waste gas emission, and suggests that furniture enterprise application of water-based paint or UV lacquer coating process. And allocated 150 million yuan for a percentage of the subsidy for the modification of the furniture enterprises. People in shenzhen rc release of volatile organic compounds in furniture manufacturing enterprise pollution treatment notice, after some more powerful coating enterprises started to business customers for furniture coating production line. But for a for UV coating system and the furniture enterprises in transition, the required products and services involves many aspects. For example: UV lacquer alternative process design, reconstruction of existing equipment, coating and coating worker training of cost accounting. Consists panel test, to mass production also need some debugging time.

    Have the personage inside course of study thinks, the UV coating system although short cure time, mass, can use equipment for large-scale production.

But there are also some limitations. For example, the introduction of UV paint coating production line enterprises must have certain economic strength. At the same time also need to have a considerable product sales. Most importantly must choose full service (process design, coating production line planning, personnel training, etc.) of the suppliers, to ensure that the introduction of UV coating production line, not because the process is not reasonable, the equipment layout is unreasonable, the furniture enterprise employees will not use UV equipment problems, such as furniture enterprises play the role of UV coating line. Anyhow, UV paint coating production line is furniture furniture enterprises from manual work to mechanization, a best choice for the technological development of direction. Furniture enterprises only combined with their own situation, reasonable introduction of UV coating production line, so as to improve the production efficiency, reduce the product cost, the enhancement purpose to the enterprise competition ability.

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