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How to press steady progressive real improvement

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How to press steady progressive real improvement

So regardless of imported printing equipment domestic printing equipment, printing paper before the function is not the same is a big headache for greatly presses are induction problem, especially in gold, silver composite cardboard or transfer of gold, silver, laser card. The problem first is shown as: because the change of temperature, humidity, once before printing expansion deformation, rendering falbala; Exterior coating lacquer and printing ink resin system do not match, happen miscibility; Appearance abrade serious and so on. These problems bring to print a hard level.
To prevent the above problems, shenzhen jin jia color printing co., LTD. Research to develop a set of transfer, composite, nine color UV gravure in one of the production process. The research result have the intaglio printing skills of the patent right.
Not long ago, a using the research results of rotogravure production line has been settled in shenzhen jin jia color printing co., LTD., and has set up a complete equipment debugging tasks. The machine by Italian Cerutti processing and manufacturing company. This is the first in our country, also is the world's first set transfer, composite, nine color UV gravure rotary intaglio printing production line, named jin jia cerutti3288 color printing - 960 (hereinafter referred to as "jin jia, 3288).

   A, equipment function

All 3288 intaglio printing production line printing width is 400 ~ 820 mm, from 80 g/m2 single coated paper to 350 g/m2 are printing paper, printing speed up to 300 m/min. From white cardboard decoiling, transfer and composite film pulling, adhesive glue, oven dry, stripping, cooling, OPP and PET film winding varnish coating, appearance, the attachment printing is on the back of the laser positioning (printing), UV printing sand, UV oil, cutting big sheets once completed. Glue and nine printing unit drive themselves.
The machine can complete the following process:
(1) a complete transfer, stripping, printing (is, printed on the back, the front laser positioning printing), UV printing sand, UV oil, cutting big piece.
(2) a complete part of the transfer (equivalent to cold or holographic anti-counterfeiting positioning hot stamping), stripping, printing (is, printed on the back, the front laser positioning printing), UV printing sand, UV oil, cutting big piece.
(3) a complete composite, printing sand (positive, printed on the back), UV printing, UV oil, cut to big.
(4) a single coated paper, white cardboard, or gold and silver cardboard printing sand (positive, printed on the back), UV printing, UV oil, cutting big piece.
(5) milk carton printing, oil, cut the big piece to complete.
(6) milk box section transfer (equivalent to cold or holographic anti-counterfeiting positioning hot stamping), printing, oil, cut the big piece to complete.
(7) the paper guide roller adopts special metal manufacturing, appearance through a special disposal, can printing plastic packaging.
(8) for sheet-fed printing (offset, gravure, etc.) supply transfer paper, composite paper processing.

B, the superior sex
  Dealing with the invariance of printing paper, is the biggest advantage of all 3288 gravure produce line. The production line with 150 m/min the attachment before printing, printing speed of the composite paper suggest and BOPP, PET film, and then after six groups of oven to dry, and with proper tension of stretching, when it arrived at the printing unit, the paper has an intangible variable. Adopts the production line is also dealt with before printing a havoc on disposal process, and not from the purchase metal paper packaging paper composite factory, obviate some tedious process, there are land section left work, reduces the yield criterion.

C, wet transfer, composite coating method
The transfer of all 3288 glue can choose two ways:
  1. Three roll coating
Three roll coating is used in the full version of the transfer, composite products. Glue quantity control in 4 ~ 6 g/m2 coating quality is relatively unchanged, coating on average, and bond stronger; Also, the rubber roller pressure and intrusive on the basis of scale can regulate the amount of glue, the greater the pressure, the smaller the amount of glue. Glue average can guaranteeing the product of the transferred amount will not appear because of the amount of glue is too thick and cause water grain printing, rubber cover is too thin to incur the cohere, stripping is not in good condition, etc.
  2. The anilox roller coating
Anilox roller coating the first part is used to transfer (the equivalent of hot stamping process or holographic anti-counterfeiting positioning bronzing), also can be used in the full version of the transfer, composite products.
Anilox roller coating ceramic anilox roller for ordinary, its price is higher. Carving gravure is applied to make glue roller, the price is low, the trial function is superior, and convenient operation. Glue spreader with carved intaglio related parameters.
Average with carved gravure coating, coating, pressure control easily, bond, drying the result is good, the product function, easy tear.

 D, dry transfer, composite method
  Dry transfer, composite sounds like rusty, this is indeed a new skill in China, the new technology. But the fusing progress predecessors made different skills of all 3288 gravure press, is not easy.
  A shift in dry type, compound, must have superior equipment, to use special glue together. Glue the objectives.
A shift in dry type, compound must use or carve intaglio roller to glue, coating requirements than the average. When the opposite of film coating, is in no hurry to adhesive with paper, but through the oven first, at the right temperature drying; The paper is from the top of the oven through, film and paper synchronous operation. Film out of the oven is not completely dry, again through 120 ℃ hot oil roller for heating, and real time after the effect of pressure roller, tightly combined together with the paper. Stripping or varnish coating after cooling, and then to get into the printing unit for gravure printing.
Dry transfer, composite common used in high-grade products of printing. Due to finish in one time, so the paper is not easy to deformation, multi-color overprint precision. Other, less because of working procedure, still can throttle.

E, intended transfer printing surface moderation in laser within the membrane surface
  1. The laser film manufacturing process
  Laser membrane complex manufacturing process compare, it USES a vacuum aluminum plating method. I.e., the evaporation boat heating to 1400 ~ 1500 ℃, to continue to the evaporation boat on aluminum wire into steam. Because the basement membrane with electrostatic adsorption, aluminum molecules adsorbed on film appearance. Through the accumulation of cooling, and then spraying aluminum evenly in the continuation of winding the film appearance, aluminum plating film. Then through laser carving laser version package on roller, under the temperature of 130 ℃ to mold of aluminum plating film, forming the laser film. Laser version of package on the roller, means less than do seamless connecting, so every a version from the laser film left on a 0.5 ~ 2 mm version of the seam.
  2. All 3288 of laser film transfer printing function
  Autoron1600 system at high magnification scans tracker can under a speed of 500 m/min, identify and track to small or weak cursor.
In the process of transfer printing, because there is tension, laser film before with paper sticking changes with tension. When laser membrane into the printing unit, the first color group high scanning tracking device can directly identify the version of the seam of laser film, give several divisions demand the overprint error as a standard lights, real-time active eyelid, compensation for roll initiative for tension, printing unit drive motor take the initiative to regulate themselves, and to track the overprint method, the printing surface tightly control in laser film version from within, sew version to the tip and the mouth diao.