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Three kinds of commonly used pressure sensitive equipment

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Three kinds of commonly used pressure sensitive equipment

  The non-drying label printing equipment can be broadly divided into three categories: predominantly flexo method, see more at the nations of North America; Is given priority to with flexo printing, embossed is complementary methods, by European users love; Give priority to with embossed, flexo is complementary method is the first choice for the asia-pacific region. The non-drying label printing in China: small and medium-sized printing plant, specialized large-scale printing plant less; Less printing primary equipment, high-grade equipment. Self-adhesive label printing market refuses to scale: the coastal region, central region times, inland areas are left behind. In the aspect of self-adhesive label printing is given priority to with letterpress, extended type feed is the most progressive predecessors way of printing, and second, intermittent feed is beginning level and precision of the lowest feed method. Sheet-fed adhesive label printing is unique processing method in China, in foreign countries are very rare, domestic self-adhesive label printing degree only in its infancy, with the improvement degree of predecessors have larger gap. Not only on the printing equipment in the printing process, printing materials and the design of the label has performance.

 1. The letterpress sticker printing equipment

  Produces letterpress circle pressure circle the non-drying label printing equipment, mainly produces business has two ─ ─ Ko - Pack of Japan and the Japanese solely invested enterprise in China Shanghai new min sun. Products belong to a satellite continuation of paper printing machine, 6 color UV letterpress and a set of equipment for UV glazing; Optional round pressure die cutting, flat die cutting, corona treatment, cutting sheet and a single installation. For guaranteeing the accuracy of the UV glazing, Ko - Pack and new min sun will be the traditional roller glazing to flexo glazing. Amount of light oil coating by the anilox roll line resolution, is not affected by pressure and printing speed, guaranteeing the consistency of the print gloss.
  Flat flat batch paper label printing equipment is also a common label printing equipment, primary production business with Taiwan, ruian zhongtian command. Equipment Lord thought structure from the traditional mechanical transmission to electromechanical integration of shaftless drive, feed length, can through the computer preset by the drum active drawing data feed, completely eliminate mechanical error. Another significant change is the UV device installation, boring using UV ink, expanded the label printing limited, advances the printing speed, be exempted from the laminating process.

2. Flexo self-adhesive label printing equipment
All such equipment as the narrow flexo machine, give priority to with domestic products, such as Shanghai, xi 'an, the purple lights black cattle, wuxi south etc, equipment has two characteristics:

    ①Use of UV ink instead of water-based ink, UV ink good invariance, prevent frequent washing plate and ink system. More major is UV ink color density is greater than the water-based ink, can progress label printing quality.

    ②Throughout used without direct laser plate-making film skills and prevent the loss off small branch, branch and class, improve image method, graphic clarity and improvement of printing quality greatly.

  Flexo printing the non-drying label is back in favour, the current domestic enterprises to adopt domestic capital and foreign skills out of the output of flexo printing equipment on printing quality and price are gradually bear by domestic printing enterprise, using the flexo printing self-adhesive label's market share is rapidly increase.

  3. Die-cutting equipment

  There are two kinds of self-adhesive label printing processing methods: step type, namely a complete printing and die cutting, mechanical end input the original data, the other end of the label products, appropriate brief labels produced. Step by step, namely, the label printing and die cutting in two devices for long, graphic complex, appropriate process, large batch of label produce more; Step by step process can reduce the efficiency of capital, cut waste and progress.

  ①Paper rolls round pressure circular die cutting machine

  Line die cutting machine not only can process the non-drying label after printing reel material, can be directly die cutting blank labels and brochures or cut leaflets, efficiency and high precision.

  ②Sheet-fed flat die cutting machine

   In sheet-fed offset printing sticker, the current account for 10% of all label production in our country. This kind of product are all in the platen draw die cutting machine die cutting, inappropriate adhesive materials, labor intensity, low production efficiency, die-cutting quality is poor.

  As label producing countries, in China, is one of the biggest country of self-adhesive label printing potential. To develop various self-adhesive label printing will, all kinds of operating limitations and processing varieties of label printing has a personal space. The non-drying label printing equipment in the future market will be prosperous, gradually replacing the old and new devices, printing skills and technology in a variety of ways.

  1. The flexo printing equipment

UV flexo printing equipment, in particular, in the non-drying label printing category will hasten to add, the number of domestic equipment according to the market have also will greatly progress rate and the quality level. First reason is the rapid in plate making skills, flexo market service of form a complete set of more perfect, more standard label printing market.

  2. Circle pressure circle rotary letterpress equipment

  Current circle pressure circle rotary letterpress machines was imported equipment, everything Labelman Japan Ko - Pack, our country Taiwan, mainland fundamental blank (tai printing machine had produced a few prototype). Only domestic equipment quality unchanged, such equipment will occupy the domestic market.

  3. Circle pressure circle and embossed paper half rotation equipment

  As the most popular self-adhesive label printing equipment, will be carried out quickly. Its price moderate, print quality is constant, suitable types of orders (more than measure, small batch and temporarily proofing). But the defect is slow, is inevitable requirement for the quality of the original data, overprint defects.

  4. Round flatten letterpress printing equipment

  Was the main self-adhesive label printing equipment, but this kind of equipment have two defects: stop overprint, embossing roller to type and easy to form tag overprint error; Low efficiency, high speed, mechanical shaking violently, cannot normal production, reduced gradually.