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The new LED to reduce ink UV printing and energy consumption

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The new LED to reduce ink UV printing and energy consumption

  As is known to all, printing and packaging market is faced with the problem of excessive packaging, printing and excessive intervention of electronic publications, printing market shrink problem is increasingly serious, and people's emphasis on environmental pollution and energy saving level of ascension, especially after the country introduced the 12th five-year plan, for the printing industry towards a new green printing road, national policy efforts to increase year by year, the traditional printing process is facing a huge challenge, someone says to upgrade the traditional printing process, some people say that to improve the printing consumables of formula, and so on. The question now is the present stage can help the enterprise to solve the problem of shrinking market, energy conservation and environmental protection is really not much.

    Small make up have visited Shanghai bang bo industry and trade, they are now involved in promoting energy-saving ink, a thought or soy ink, such as new bottles of alcohol products, only emphasize the proportion of soybean oil in ink. By Shanghai bang bo zhu manager to learn, now on the UV offset printing machine using ultraviolet light source is generally use the light source, such as high pressure mercury lamp and metal halide lamp for lamps and lanterns and the large-scale power plant, power consumption and heat cause the damage of the printing press and the substrates and use process produce the problem such as ozone. In addition, in the case of voltage instability printing machine it is difficult to maintain normal operation, also can not reach the effect of the printing ink drying.

  Manager zhu said, but in recent years developed a can launch ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (leds), and supporting the use of the LED uv light curing moment for offset printing ink (FDLED series).

Reflects the following advantages:
  (1) the LED compared with uv lamp mode, need only one-fourth of its power consumption, save energy costs, greatly reducing the CO2 emissions.
  (2) because leds produce less heat, heat resistance is poor, such as plastic film substrates of printing and printing machine heat affected small, just can be slightly adjusted for printing accuracy, reduce paper consumption.
  (3) the LED light source components compared with ultraviolet lamp is about 12 times its service life, light source change at a much lower frequency, equipment cost.
  (4) the LED can be instantly switched on or off, without UV light way of heating and cooling time, the efficiency was improved.
  (5), due to ultraviolet radiation device and related supporting device is very compact, that without ever larger machinery installation space as well as the pipeline construction, easy to set up. Arguably LED - UV printing system to further strengthen the environment of traditional UV printing system coordination. But because of considering the cost of short-term problems, many enterprises at present is difficult to accept.

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