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Waterborne wood coatings used in the wooden chair coating

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The use of waterborne wood paint coating line is in a wooden chair


  Wood has the advantage of light weight, strength, easy processing, low thermal conductivity, good electrical insulating function, resonance outstanding merits and so on. And because of the natural wood texture and texture with the aesthetic feeling of like nature itself, wooden products constantly liked by people and is special in the furniture industry, wood furniture to account for more than 90%.

  Household market, economical wooden chair is one of the wooden furniture of consumer love. Whether their own restaurant, restaurant, hotel guest room as all kinds of layers, everywhere can see fine about not stingy wooden chairs. Wooden chairs in furniture sales, according to some proportion also quite large. So follow produce wooden chair enterprise vigorously, developed the suitable coating paint for wooden chairs and colorants and other products, is crucial in the furniture market.

 A, wooden chair commonly used coating type

  Commonly used solvent wood coatings have polyurethane (PU) coating, nitrocellulose (NC) paint, alkyd coatings, unsaturated polyester (PE) coatings, ultraviolet (UV) curing coatings, acid (AC) curing coatings, etc.
  The current medium planning of eat chair enterprise mostly USES the assembly line to produce products, features a high production efficiency, product quality is changeless, the furniture factory after receiving the order delivery time short distance. So much on the wooden chair by resolution coating requirements have the following features: use a brief and fast dry fast, and the breath away.
  PU coating, PE coating are response type of system, the problems existed in the use process using the time limit; UV coating is also a multicomponent system, demand special UV light source shine film-forming ability reaction, and complex modelling wood product not appropriate to use; AC coating function ambiguity to slow, boring film; Slow alkyd coating is dry and so on. The above types of paint are not suitable as a coating to use wooden chairs. Is on the investigation, the current wood chair is the most common primary NC coating, which belongs to the single-component physical boring film coating, paint, without using the time limit, fast dry, free TDI highly toxic substances, and has the very good daily chemicals resistant function.
  But follow your country in the cultivation of condition maintenance, as well as the progress of customer's requirement, factory has higher requirement for the coating of environmental protection. NC coating due to using happen a lot in the process of VOC (volatile organic compounds), to form great pollution situation, motivation and formation of a lot of cost, waste, extremely easy combustion and explosion, the use of waterborne wood coatings for agile development. Waterborne wood coatings are associated with solvent paint, has the following advantages: the wandering body first is water, eliminate the course of the construction on the great level of the risk of fire; Only contains a few may be excluding low toxicity of ethanol and organic solvent, improved the construction of works, reduces the construction process of atmospheric pollution; For single component types, construction methods briefly; Wet appearance may be wet in water can be directly coated construction, the material looks good usability, coating with output; Coating that can direct water cleaning, greatly cut the cost of cleaning solvent and played the effect of saving energy and reducing consumption.

B, wooden chair line was introduced
2.1, an assembly line

  Current production compare with big produce wooden chair manufacturer, produce general secondary planning of eat chair manufacturer 1000 tons or more, so much is required to produce manufacturer has a very high production efficiency. So produce wooden chair manufacturer USES mostly coating line homework. Eat chair line first walked by loading bay, active system (the ground or hanging), center for the paint system, water screen type spray paint room, dust grinding machine, heating system and baked coherent system.
  Center for paint system is from the center for more homework points in the paint room to plant focus cycle walks coating, the paint and walks and spraying equipment, predecessors, economy applicable skills improvement, make the coating quality and degree of technology has made great progress. For high-pressure airless spraying paint concentrate produced with high efficiency, and popular air spraying, produce efficiency can progress several times; Pollution is small, the situation and popular air spraying, paint mist cut by more than 70%, greatly reduce the pollution of the situation, to improve the operator's task premise, reduces the labor intensity; Can construction large viscosity and high solid coatings, a film thickness, cutting spraying times; Don't use squeeze air and reduce the pollution of the water, oil, dust and other impurities and the chances of coating defects, flat coating appearance, good plumpness, coating structure compact, attached to the output is strong, can advance the using life of coating.
  Adopt heating coherent system which are forced to avoid the waterborne wood coatings moisture volatilizes slower, boring time long defects, can maximum horizontal acceleration workshop production process, the yield efficiency and solvent NC coating at all.

  C, the coating process

  Eat chair coating used for ju wood, oak wood, northeast China ash, maple wood, such as coating results is given priority to with open and half open. And varnish and color paint, varnish can do nature (do not do any color results) coating as a result, also can do the bright color painting as a result, the bright color results ordinary bottom color coloring process: Solid color more ordinary black and white. Technology adopted ordinary are two bottom side or bottom of the two sides, every times spray 1 ~ 2 guns, each time after coating spray to dry at room temperature about 10 min, coating table dry after entering the baking system to forced drying (normal temperature measured in 30 ~ 40 ℃) 1 h or so, cooling grinding dust after 10 min, and then into the next procedure. Through a wooden chair after coating film lubrication is exquisite, feel is good, wood varnish were blazing in clear, natural color, solid color paint hiding power, that never fade, color temperature or gorgeous. To produce all eat chair manufacturer use water dish greatly line and typical coating process.
  Based on coating line of waterborne wood paint formula, from boring speed, sag resistance, resistance to bite wood reinforcement results and anti aging results on thinking about design.

 D. 1, choice of main body of the resin

  Is often seen in waterborne wood coatings resin has the following categories: waterborne alkyd resin, water-based acrylic emulsion, water-based polyurethane body, waterborne acrylate modified polyurethane emulsion and waterborne epoxy resin and water-based uv-curable resin [4]. Waterborne alkyd resin dry slow, poor coating hardness; Waterborne epoxy resin is a multicomponent system, water-based uv-curable wood coatings needs a specific device, use not convenient. Most appropriate as the wooden chair coating of water-based resin system for waterborne acrylic emulsion, waterborne polyurethane dysfunctional body and waterborne acrylic modified polyurethane resin, these a few kinds of resin is one component, when using only need adjust viscosity in accordance with the requirements of factory, can use continuously, there is no time limit and equipment limitations.
  To reach fast nominal kinship of anti aging as a result, choosing resin, if be acrylic emulsion of acrylic modified polyurethane type, maybe, can choose the product of Tg is relatively higher, also can choose the core - shell structure, boring speed, but also has excellent hardness and flexibility. Waterborne polyurethane dysfunctional body is the most suitable resin, the resin has excellent abrasion resistance, and anti aging function is admirable, don't need add after film-forming agent, dry fast, and resin particle size small, looks more bright, and after construction coating lit degree is also very good, can better show the wood texture.

  D. 2, choice of film forming additives

  In order to reach the result of the quick drying, when choosing film-forming agent, we can choose a few product of volatile speed relatively quickly, such as DPM, PnB, BDG, etc. Open time to film, of course, also can match the product of the higher boiling point, such as DPnB, TPnB twelve ester and alcohol, but moderation additives and the compatibility test and resin. Wooden chair coating are mostly demand forced baking dry, so the film-forming additives added quantity does not demand too much.
D. 3, antiblocking additives selection

  Resin alone function, can also arrive means less fantasy anti aging as a result, therefore, needs to add antiblocking additives in formula design, first has various types of wax products and organic silicon fertilizer.

D. 4, and other original materials of choice
  Defoaming agent, leveling agent, wetting agent, pH conditioner, thickening agent, fungicide and delustering agents can be chosen resin, according to the characteristics of the resin test selection; You can add 3% ~ lit primer
5% of waterborne zinc stearate pulp progress grinding function; Besides titanium pigment white primer, you can add local kaolin, calcium carbonate is perhaps filling filler such as talc powder to progress.

  D. 5, colorant formula design

  In order to advance efficiency, wooden chair color when produce mostly USES the coloring process, and at the end of shi foreman degrees boring distance as long as 10 minutes, when the average and coloring, strong pull mu wen result. So the wooden chair with colorants demand has strong penetration and good anti floating color function. We can choose ferric oxide series of water-based pigment paste, good color fastness and has a good sense of clarity and order; If demand better lit degrees, can choose water-based metal complexing dye. Colorant first is given priority to with water, in order to avoid the floating color and attached to the output, demand add 10% water-based resin to package pigment or dye particles, water-based resin choose small particle size and good penetration results, and add the excess substrate wetting agent to reduce the surface tension of the product, improve spread out the results of the colorant, can repair the average color.

D. 6, function test

  Formula design, according to GB/T23999-2009 "interior decoration decorates use water-based wood coatings, testing the following functions: attached to the output, water resistance, alkali resistance and alcohol resistance and dry heat resistance, resistance to freezing and thawing invariance and polluting (everything vinegar, green tea); Based on EN12720-1997 "furniture. Cold fluid resistance appearance evaluation, test the coffee pollution resistant function; Adhesion resistance limit test method is as follows: on 20 cm x 20 cm ju wood spraying the bottom of the two sides, each time spraying two shots, 30 ℃ forced boring 1 h, eventually it again after finish boring boring 1.5 h, distinguish across the face side, back with 20 kg weight above, 24 h after remove the weight check coating adhesion conditions.


    After reasonable formula design of waterborne wood paint after coating line, wooden chair, the output through the test, can be a stern test Sweden IKEA. Waterborne wood coatings, therefore, the current used in China are greatly ikea generation works to replace traditional solvent-based NC lacquer to produce wooden chairs. Because of waterborne wood coatings produced wooden chair besides reached the solvent on the mechanical function of NC lacquer as a result, but also has more and more environmental protection this selling point, with strong market competitiveness in the market.

  Follow coating category extension from time to time, to be painting objects increasing varieties, each painting objects to the functional requirement of the results of coating and coating also each different, prompting varieties of paint coating industry division is becoming more and more thin. In the process of the development of waterborne wood coatings, in view of its characteristics, choose a suitable coating category, then select a method of optimal coating can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, make the waterborne wood coatings are surrounded in the process of the market to find a good break mouth, and then accelerate the industrialization course of waterborne wood coatings and skills to carry out [5]. Waterborne wood coatings in the successful use of the coating line is wooden chair, to the expansion of the waterborne wood coatings using category and has major significance.