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Uv ink manufacturers go green road

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Uv ink manufacturers go green road

  Durst company launched is said to be the first in the world are allowed to use the Nordic daytime goose label (NordicSwanLabel uv ink. The ink does not contain but also by the ToiStandardEN17Part3 certification, is also in May 2009. Absolutely does not contain some banned the use of heavy metals in children's products.
But one thing is for sure printing plant and its customers the demand for green products is more and more strong, although so far I haven't can give "green ink" a precise definition. This has prompted ink manufacturers began to develop all kinds of environmental protection product. And some people think that although ink can make you print more colorful and more environmentally friendly, but this is not an easy thing. But what really is printing process.
  People often ask a product is sustainable, but he did not know what is the meaning of the bottom of the "sustainability". This is the problem and protect the environment from the overall situation is the best way to start. Fujifilm color beautiful can be the company's environmental services consultant Kenny Boyd (KenniBoyd pointed out: people awareness of environmental protection printing ink is different.

   Environmental protection options

   Environmental protection calls for higher and higher today, then. Uv ink manufacturers and made what kind of reaction? Sun chemical has said it will use vegetable oil in own ink products. The company sheet-fed and UV curing products production director (responsible for Europe and Africa) John the perkins (JohnAdkin said: people need to use to make a choice between the mineral oil and vegetable oil, has been developed using these two kinds of raw materials of products, but by communicating with customers and end users, decided to choose more crops is responsible for the raw material to the environment. And made great progress in the digital domain, fujifilm color can companies says he also developed a series of environmental protection advantages of UV ink, the company has strong background in the field of silk screen printing. Especially large format printing market.

  UV ink has caused more and more people's attention. This is a very stable product, the company's image in Europe marketing manager Tudor Morgan (TudorMorgan explained, with rise of inkjet technology. 100% curing, but also does not emit VOC so better able to meet customer demand for products, health and safety.
  Mr Grey also think soy ink than fossil ink small damage to the environment, ClassicColour company general manager David gray (DavidGrei think without water ink is also a good environmental choice. Chemical point of view is consistent with the sun. Without the benefits of water ink is not using any of the solution, so can let users to achieve color balance faster when computer printing, but also easier to deinking process but also can promote the green environmental protection process of an enterprise. It also fully demonstrated environmental printing ink will not only positive influence for the whole printing process happened.

Environmental protection ring

   The brookings think ink should give full play to their own in a printing enterprise environmental protection ring (environmentloop from production to the important effect of the whole process of recycling. The appropriate to reduce the energy consumption in the process of printing ink: the latest emerging fast dry ink not only prevent the drying unit high demand for energy. You will find the former version don't need to turn in the process of cleaning. The perkins explains: if you have four color printing and color printing a comparison. The sun chemical in France, a subsidiary of bertelsmann and jointly conducted a survey, in order to calculate the carbon footprint of ink in the printing process. The results found that carbon emissions accounted for about the printing process of printing ink to about 5% of the total carbon emissions.

  You should have environmental protection characteristics as much as possible. Although some ink can get rid of the dependence on VOC, for example, it is a very meaningful The sun chemical think a printing ink to truly realize the green environmental protection. But can't be recycled, it cannot be called green ink
Because it is mostly water and does not contain VOC has obvious environmental advantage, so in flexo printing ink, for example. But at the same time, flexo product and cannot be 100% recycled so, choose a printing ink products before, must carries on the full solution, prevent biased. Another problem is that capital that nots allow to ignore. And environmental protection is just in the process of development of uv ink printing ink manufacturers need to overcome a problem.
  Without water ink indeed has certain environmental protection advantage, for example. But it costs are higher than other ink. As gray ClassicColour company said: not everyone can choose water ink, because it is high to the requirement of process, involving a fairly large interest. But now a lot of modern printing presses are equipped with temperature control and waterless printing function, greatly facilitate the user's choice.

  Clear choice

  But he also thinks the choice of printing is very clear say: can obtain raw materials from mineral oil or vegetable oil, plant ink appear also to put forward the question of whether the crops as raw materials for the production of moral. The sun chemical perkins admitted as this is a potential problem. Can produce high quality printing ink, but also to ensure its safe sex. Has selected soybean and rape seed as raw materials for the production of ink, and these materials won't like mineral oil more with less.
  Plastic is one example of this. Fujifilm color can companies Boyd concedes, UV ink is the best option but it cannot achieve ideal environmental protection printing ink coverage. The limitations of UV ink is that it cannot attach on some substrates. But now basically has been overcome and Fuji color li company also found some problems with the UV inkjet ink. Ink manufacturers in the process of new product development has also had some stability problems.
  Product life cycle, waste, equipment operating personnel's health and peace and the atmospheric environment and so on are also ink manufacturers focus on problems. In addition. Give up chemical means ink manufacturers in the short term sales would be affected. Morgan added: "some of the chemical composition has not been the eu ban, in some cases. But because my company has always been more concerned on the environmental issues so decided to no longer use these chemicals. Customers want to find a trustworthy partner, and hope I can provide him with the high quality service and technical support. Environmental performance is always in the process of the development of all products will be given a question.

Opinions vary
  It's enough to make everyone feel headache. Fujifilm color li can Boyd says: you can imagine for the printing shop is a how difficult things, at present there are many around the "green ink" point of view. Both want to consider the issue of health and safety, and to find ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. All decisions are made according to customer's requirements
  Be sure to shop around, Boyd advice when I choose green ink. But also to solicit the opinions of others as much as possible. Each printing enterprises are now facing a certain environmental pressure, this is determined by the market and customer demand, while the green ink might be a bit in the production process, but printing enterprises should also be soberly aware of the ink is not the whole printing process. But only a comprehensive range of environmental planning ability to ensure that a printing enterprise temporarily stable development.
  Can let me clearly know for environmental protection of the whole process of printing ink does have much impact. This product is designed for the use of epson DX3 and DX4 print head printing and design, Colorif company launched containing 90% biodegradable explain ColorifBio series ink composition and passed the ISO9001 certification. But at the same time, it is suitable for use in the absence of coatings and coating substrates.
  Belgium ink company launched a series of environmental protection solvent ink OneSolutFespaDigit show - OneJad series is specially designed for large format printing and OnePearl is the UV curing ink, in May 2009. Have 8 colors, and can at least in outdoor adhere to 36 months do not fade.

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