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UV light oil storage environment matters needing attention

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The UV light in the UV glazing oil storage environment matters needing attention

Use of UV glazing machine, should pay attention to the following eight questions:
  1) the normal use of UV light oil temperature for 50 to 55 ℃, the use of low temperature in winter need constant temperature waters of UV light oil heating cycle, make it reach the design using viscosity, viscosity so much beneficial to the rapid curing UV light oil flow gently.
  2) UV light oil in UV lamp irradiation area, the best temperature for 50 to 60 ℃, due to the UV light oil curing fast under this temperature, after curing with output. That is to say, under the three generations and UV lamp is not the lower the temperature, the better. Special is the factory glazing of low temperature in winter, with output owe good, owe good flowing property status, its reason first is temperature through the bottom from curing result is poor.
  3) UV glazing stories placed in means less sunlight shines directly to the status, or UV light oil will be in the sun under the effects of UV curing on the applicator roll. If it means less away from direct sunlight, also should cover the sun's rays with red and black curtain.
  4) that the polishing when the UV light oil, will have been printed in the printing ink on the data, to the UV light oil of polishing machine, make the oil glazing with color, via the filter after precipitation, the light oil also sustainable use.
  5) light excitation agent in the UV light oil, diluent has inevitable effects on a person's skin. If so, in the operation of glazing, skin touch with UV light oil, should be immediately with the rain-water water loss, or can will present skin redness and swelling, sparkling.
  6) the use of UV light oil viscosity varies according to the varieties of three generations and UV glazing machine, according to choose the special oil glazing glazing machine models. If the UV light oil viscosity than the viscosity can be thinner, glazing machine demands from sticky or with a thickening agent to add sticky. But so much recuperation will loss off UV light oil curing speed, brightness, and attached to the output, etc., Ruth is not recommended, as far as possible change appropriate special glazing oil.
  7) should pay attention to often clean spindle head. Due to the UV light oil flow into three generations and UV glazing machine transmission shaft shift in local, stick on the drive shaft, at high temperatures affect transmission.
  8) gold card paper, special printing materials such as the PFT, in accordance with the appearance of their properties, choose special UV glazing oil. Refer to article 6.
UV light oil in the accurate information is a conjunctival in data storage, in by ultraviolet light, such as sunlight, welding arc, UV light shines immediately after curing. Ordinary preparation used in fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp lighting light source is not provoked UV light oil curing.

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