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How to distinguish the quality of the UV glazing oil

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How to distinguish the quality of the UV glazing oil

 From the practice in theory should determine the chemical composition of glazing oil. From the point of use, is to use a brief method to reflect on our users to buy glazing oil quality.

  (1) smell smell. UV oil solid content is about 95%, material volatile solid content is small. So good gloss oil flavour is very small, should be smaller than printing with ink flavor. After curing the breath as small as possible.
  (2) test the solvent content. The glazing oil into a scale within the vessels (less than 50 mm diameter), place the paper 12 h, review the volatile out. Status of ordinary can't see the appearance. If clearly see the drops of oil polish of excessive solvent is the original light oil to add a thinner, false and inferior product.
  (3) the UV glazing oil is not conjunctiva, like cooking oil, long time place appearance doesn't crust. Put a handful of glazing oil in glass appearance, in 24 h after see my light in the presence of crust. No crust to clarify is the UV oil, otherwise is false UV oil.
  (4) effects on the skin. At the back of hand with a glazing oil, about 20 min, check whether the skin to become red or sparkling, good light oil skin did not response, and the light oil can present erythema, owe good light oil can make the blister of the skin.
  (5). Check the UV oil color. Put the UV ink in bright degree good glassware inside view, color quality of the lighter the better.
  (6). Viscosity. Viscosity differences based on polishing machine selection of differences, such as popular three roll, diao tooth glazing machine viscosity is 30 ~ 40 s.
All landowners flow flat. Reflect on polishing the printing after curing, corrugated clarify owe good flowing property. Treatment method, one is to reduce viscosity, heating or adding diluent; Extension of coating and curing time of energetic flow flat, again for curing.