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UV break the barrier of the development of wooden door

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UV coating technology to break the barriers to the development of the wood door industry

  With the improvement of people's living standard and fine decoration housing on the rise, the growing demand for wood door market, the Chinese wood door industry has entered a vigorous development. Wooden door industry scale expands unceasingly, the market competition intensifies, consolidation is faster. But the original wood door not standardized production technology, cycle is long, slow, hindered the development of wood industry. Standardization is a wooden door industry development inevitable trend.
  Because the traditional wood coating restricted by artificial, space, time, mass production to scale, and make the wooden door enterprises have single can't meet. Because the standardized spraying, production capacity is limited, in limited time, enterprise can't complete the bulk orders. Promoting the UV coating technology for wooden door industry industrial upgrading will have a positive impact.

The outlook is good, but it cannot hide development bottleneck
  Chinese wood door industry is a sunrise industry, is in vigorous development. Strong market demand for wood door industry prospects.
Under the destructive impact of the global financial crisis, national economies have suffered varying degrees of combat. China's housing industry is regulated by the macro policies, such as reason, the influence of the situation is not optimistic. With the speeding up of the rural urbanization construction speed, hardcover room promotion, low-rent housing policy, China's doors and Windows industry will form a huge consumer market. Under the impetus of the rigid demand, the overall trend is the development of wood industry, forward.
  However, the domestic wooden door enterprises use custom, rather than more standardized production, delivery cycle is long, the production efficiency is low. Wooden door production coating process, in particular, rely on is still the manual workers. Staff hard tube, not a goods, cost and quality is difficult to control, and many other issues, China's wooden door industry has not been a real sense of large enterprises.
  Wooden door enterprises subject to paint and coating technology of standardized operations, unable to realize the scale, standardization and mass production. Only break the non-standard coating "barriers", the development of China's door industry to obtain a bigger development space.
  Wood coating, standardization is the trend
Not large-scale, standardized mode of production is the high cost of product and long cycle of production operation. With the increase of wooden door market share, wood door industry will certainly for market segmentation. Custom wooden door or will become a high-end, chosen for part of consumer groups. Standardization will be the wood industry to adapt to the market economy development inevitable trend.
  But the wooden door standardization production is not easy, which involves many problems. Among them, the coating technology is the key. At present domestic enterprises generally use PU, PE paint furniture surface and the coating of wooden door, the paint film products have good construction performance and effect, mass, scale production, but can't be impeded the process of wood standardization work.
  UV light curing wood coatings can perfectly realize the standardization of wood coating production. UV lacquer is a kind of by UV irradiation curing film coating. The product does not contain harmful substances, green environmental protection and excellent film performance. More importantly, UV paint curing time is shorter, can use equipment for mass, the mass production.
  UV coating only need equipment debugging personnel and porters can complete the production operation, can greatly reduce the dependence on artificial wood coating production. Wood coating can improve the production efficiency of more than 10 times, can reduce the comprehensive cost of coating by 30% ~ 50%, has been hailed as a "21st century green industry new technology".

  UV coating, not only stay in the popularity of any a kind of new technology, technology level have to undergo a process of popularization, UV coating technology is also so.

   If there is no attention and application of enterprise, technical perfect, also cannot play a role.

  Long rt group co., LTD., vice President of Zhou Ye said: "as early as in 2007, long rt group began to research and development of UV coating products. At present, has been made in terms of technology and the application experience. Group established a special UV lacquer research team, set up a UV materials research center, formed the UV furniture paint application center, at the same time also in dongguan opened a dedicated to the batch test UV spray, spraying, roller coating paint medium coating factory. In order to further build core competitive advantages, long embellish to spend one hundred million yuan RMB, the national chemical industry development zone, huizhou daya bay development zone land area of 60000 square meters establish UV resin and UV monomer production center. After the completion of production center, long rt group formed from monomer to resin, from paint to four floors up and down the application of vertical industry chain. The industry chain in China and around the world, are first-class.
  In September, China timber distribution association wooden door and wood of zhang gl head, chun-lin xie, secretary general of the line went to long rt group production base in Shanghai. And long will embellish group co., LTD., vice President of Zhou Ye is wooden door enterprises coating problems and solutions, problems such as the application of UV coating technology in wood industry has carried on the communication and discussion. Think, will vigorously promote the UV coating technology, help to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, wooden door is a revolutionary breakthrough, wood coating technology will have a positive impact on the development of wood industry.
  At present, the long rt group production of UV light curing furniture lacquer has already got more than 20 national patents. These new products in a number of wooden door factory, furniture factory has a good application. Long rt group has developed into offer clients from UV product process design, equipment layout, personnel training to the follow-up service comprehensive service provider.
  UV coating technology for the transformation and upgrading of the industry, wooden door will play a positive role. At present, wooden door industry will need to do is a technology for a wide range of promotion.