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How to improve the cognition of waterborne uv ink

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How to improve the cognition of waterborne uv ink
  Ink balance whether enough is enough, ink balance is constitute the warp and woof of lithography. In the process of the offset printing. With a normal handling of the imprinting, inky depth, the accuracy of overprint and print dry condition has a very close contact. Can correctly grasp and control ink balance, ensure the quality of printed matter in secure key.
  And to print picture clarity, color full role. Ink balance is the word. Offset printing is the most fundamental principle of printing in the use of oil and water don't mix, the selective adsorption of two rules of the balance of ink and water on the plate stick to each other to complete the site handling.

Know of uv ink balance
  The intent is to insist on graphic ink load of the biggest printing area, print on the ink and water must also exist in balance. Make the ink is gorgeous, full, points clear light, and insist on the printing area highly clean and tidy, the balance of the amount of water and ink as ink balance.
  Regulate the supply of education version fluid, offset printing ink balance refers to: must be under the printing pressure and printing speed. Emulsion to make the ink contains education version after less than 26% share of a small W/O emulsion inks, with the minimum quantity for the fluid and the ink on the plate. Offset printing is to use the natural rules of oil and water are miscibility plate on a graphic and blank parts, the plate is for ink and water supply, course layout by oil absorption water resistance, and the blank part water &oil for printing. If under the ink balance of ambition, plate attached blank part of the education version fluid, graphic part attached inks, only when the education version liquid surface tension and surface tension of the ink, flat, both on the interface of dispersed pressure is zero, education version fluid with ink on the interface, adhere to the relative balance, each other, this case, the printing effect to ambition.
  But in the practice of printing ink balance is a dynamic balance, are changing hour if the amount of ink layout of cross balance, ink in part to the blank after strong kneading, invade the blank surface sticky dirty. Conversely, if the layout of water supply across the equilibrium value, when the water roll pass by graphic surface, will be more graphic surface left in the water, then go by water roller and ink roller strong kneading, attached to the graphic part of emulsion ink layer depth, formation of imprinting bleak. And in the water supply is too large, the water will string along the inking roller and ink roller has entered the ink fountain, forming a wide range of ink emulsification printing cannot proceed.

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