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The pros and cons of lithographic UV printing

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The pros and cons of lithographic UV printing

  Offset UV printing is an effective method, this method of printing can be on different materials, printing can print different, product value is greatly increased. In Europe, America, Japan advanced countries in the printing industry, its products and technology has been quite strong popularity.

In general, the offset UV printing house has advantages as follows:
  1. High color saturation, color effect is good.
Compared with traditional lithography, lithography UV printing can obtain higher color effects, strict requirements for color printing, can obtain more satisfactory results.
  2. The plating high gloss, bright vision.
With the extinction of the base of color is tie-in, can gain an appreciation of the visual contrast, to strengthen the products of high quality image, extremely helpful.
  3. Apply to more than property and elasticity of different class was printed.
Paper, cardboard, plastic, the road network, PVC, PE... Such as paper and film. This feature can than traditional lithographic printing more range of products, have a broader market future.
  4. In printing at the same time can be immediately dry, can significantly improve the production efficiency.
Because do not need to wait for ink drying time, so the production time can be greatly shortened, printing company can also save a lot of memory stay dry up space, how helpful to cost savings.
  5. Due to dry immediately when printing, so don't need to use powder, can be avoided because of quality problems caused by powder injection.
  6. Due to dry immediately when printing, so can not like a traditional offset printing, printing down 48 hours there will be a color change occurs.
  7. Light fastness better plating.
  8. The friction resistance of plating is better.
  9. More affinity to the environment.
There are always two sides to everything, then offset the disadvantage of UV printing? Basically has the following several:
  1. Offset UV printing machine investment cost is higher than the traditional offset printing equipment, investment decisions need to be more careful.
  2. Can be used to offset UV printing market type is better than the traditional offset printing market is wide, more dispersed, so manufacturers to be committed to the technology, should be on the market analysis and research, so as to avoid the risk of investment equipment can't find the order in the aftermath of the.
  3. Offset UV printing UV ink costs for traditional lithographic printing inks for the cost of about 3 ~ 4 times, material cost is high. Production management in printing production technology, process technology, and the cost control, need to be more precise, the proportion of the cost or loss will be higher than conventional lithography.
  4. The temperature of the ink storage areas should be more strict control, need to stay below 20 ℃, warehouse cost is higher.
  5. If ultraviolet radiation leaked to personnel on the health effects.
  6. Offset UV printing if not spread traditional lithography, familiar with the operation technology of manpower supply and need to rely on their training.