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The characteristics of the coating equipment and its safe us

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The characteristics of the coating equipment and method of safe use

The characteristics of the coating equipment

  (1) coating equipment without solvents have a lot of parts to solvent resistance.
  (2) the coating is inflammable and explosive articles, many parts of the equipment to do fire explosion proof processing.
  (3) coating process requires more sophisticated, equipment precision is higher
  (4) equipment load is low, there is very little heavy equipment.
  (5) coating equipment is relatively easy to planning and assembly line production mode, save human.
  (6) speed is slow

Coating equipment safe use of the method
  (1) equipment operators must be familiar with all kinds of mechanical structure, performance and operation and maintenance method, to use, people accountable for results.
  (2) the operation of the woodworking machinery, wear overalls should be tied tightly cuffs, female comrade must wear good working cap, braided into the cap; Don't wear gloves, scarves, etc.
  (3) the machinery must try it out before you start work, all the parts working properly rear can begin to work.
  (4) on the shaft equipment, chain, pulley, belts and other moving parts, should be set shield and shield.
  (5) if there is any abnormal situation in the mechanical operation of the or other failure occurs, should be immediately cut off the power supply, parking overhaul.
  (6) surrounding the equipment for inflammables, more should be strictly forbid fireworks.
  (7) debugging equipment maintenance, must cut off the total power.