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The UV coating equipment maintenance and daily maintenance

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The UV coating equipment maintenance and daily maintenance

  Coating quality of coating equipment is hardware, again and again good advanced coating equipment in case of improper management is still in vain. The technology of coating equipment is in good condition, is to ensure that the coating production order and one of the essential condition of the coating quality.
  If the bad condition of technical equipment, with loss, not only will seriously affect the device performance will influence the coating quality, can also lead to equipment damage, resulting in loss of are unpredictable.
  Especially for the coating equipment operation should be more pay attention to the management, such as conveyor chain, water pump, fan, etc. Usually need lubrication of mechanical operation and equipment are in need of high temperature cooling, etc., all of these need to be checked in the production and maintenance, once the lack of measures, equipment is extremely easy to cause problems.
  With spray paint production line of clean air supply system, prone to dust. Generally start new equipment is quite good, after a period of time, slowly above the work-piece coating will be more or less than before touchs dirt particles. Because purification filters have dust above has not been timely cleaning.
  Especially dust production workshop in the larger environment, more should always clean up the filter system, otherwise will cause the purifier jam and so on. Equipment maintenance, maintenance well, obviously not only on the coating quality assurance, probability and increases the maintenance, maintenance costs, the waste product rate of finished products and so on, these are all affect the production plan, increase the cost of production.
  On the more bad equipment management, the more problems. When more problems found production equipment will be vigilant, to see if a loophole when it comes to equipment management. To manage coating equipment, it must have a sound rules and regulations.

  The key is to equipment operation procedures should be:
  Each device should be someone who's in charge of, foreman, adjuster or per shift operators, mobile maintenance personnel should be regularly check equipment operation condition and make records. Should establish the main key equipment repair and maintenance plan, completes the preventive maintenance and maintenance.